Apr 26, 2016

Sun Dress Fever

First there was Spring Fever, then there was Summer Fever and now there's Sun Dress Fever. At least in my eyes, but I don't always see things clearly. Ask my eye doctor. 

I am so excited to start wearing dresses again! For the last couple years I've been so insecure with my body that I haven't done much dressing up, but as I've gotten older the only thing I question myself when it comes to my looks, body and style, is WHY I DIDN'T EMBRACE THEM. Looking back a year ago, or even a few weeks ago I realize that I'm not as horrible as my mind likes to tell me I am. With that being said, I'm done listening to my mind and seeing images that clearly don't exist. Here's a little sun dress inspiration brought to you by Pinterest!

 photo F9BEE8EEE544967CAC4F3A71BD55A6EE_zpseadf48a6.png

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