Aug 12, 2015

Fall is almost here!!

yea I know, I know. I'm rushing time, as always. But I am pretty excited. I was at the mall yesterday picking out new hand soap for my birthday! (yes, people prefer I pick out my own gifts sense I can be a bit picky with certain things) and while I was at Bath and Body works, I noticed the Fall scents are making their way back to me!

Some more things I'm looking forward to this Fall is:

Fall air fresheners

Fall candles

These candles are the best! They are sold at Target for $5, they're soy and they make they definitely make everything smell nice. The Heritage Pumpkin to be exact is my absolute favorite. I don't really use any other candles but soy candles since I first used this one. It is by far amazing.

Coffee flavors

Mickey's not so Scary Halloween

and seeing bae in concert :)

So I'm pretty excited. If I had a little more time to just keep naming things that I love about Fall I would. But I've been in bed since I woke up re-watching episodes of Degrassi and eating way more than I probably should! Hopefully I'm not alone with the Fall fever! Hope everyone is having marvelous hump day!

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