Feb 27, 2013

Goal List Update

Hello there! It's official, I've bought a new keyboard so I'll be posting on here a little more often! I was just looking over the goal list I created at the beginning of the year and realized I've completed some of them. So let's call this my goal list update.

1.) Watch 25 movies I've never seen (7/25) 
(def watch: The lovely bones, Blue Valentine, The Help)
  • Water for Elephants: *****
  • Jenifer's Body: **
  • Sharing the Secret: **
  • Center Stage: ***
  • A Secret Between Friends: ***
  • Safe Haven: ****

2.) Lose 30 pounds: 12 more to go!
((follow my weight loss journey blog posts)) - ((now that I have a keyboard, they'll get better))

3.) Achieve the hair color I want: Get a short choppy hair cut
I decided I would much rather grow out my natural hair color, and chop it short! I'll probably want to bleach it again when it's shorter, but for now this is what I'm gonna do!

4.) Visit NY - NYE
If things go as talked about, I'm trying to make this happen this year!!

5.) Start exercising
Ehh, once I lose a little more weight on my own with healthy eating, then I'll exercise more. Soon I'm going to start stretching more in attempts to become flexible and 30 minute walks will start once I lose 7 more lbs.

6.) Become a better person, inside and out.
I practice this every single day.

7.) Eat healthier - cut out junk food, drink only water
I bought a bunch of healthy food at the grocery story.. :) and I decided I won't be too harsh on the no soda, I'll take everything slow. I bought a case of mini diet cokes. That will be my soda when I so desperately need one.

8.) Get a part time job
I start applying everywhere March 1st - literally EVERYWHERE.

9.) Become tan again
Currently started working on this :) - I hope I have a Summers tan by the first day of Spring! 

10.) Cancel gym membership

11.) Find serenity - find myself
Finally seeing the light from the depression I was in.. I really want to continue finding that light. I feel like I'm almost there.

12.) Move out

13.) Go back to school

14.) Take care of oral health - get braces off
Hey guess what? the last time I was at the orthodontist, they said 3-4 months left of braces!!

15.) Get into the habit of waking up at 9 - sleeping by 1 (for now)
My alarm clock is on constant set for 9:00, I'll change it for earlier once 9 a.m. becomes habit.


16.) Read 5 books (1/5)
  • The Lovely Bones
17.) Stop my bad habits: cracking myself, bad posture.

18.) Learn a new language: Italian or French

19.) Expand my vocabulary!

20.) Do volunteer work

21.) Make my old VHS tapes into CDs

22.) Learn how to apply false lashes


Jo Lane said...

Way to go girl! You are accomplishing more of your resolutions than I am! If you go back to school, what do you plan on going back to school for? I am currently in the middle of going back to school. I'm in a MLT (medical laboratory tech) program.

brittany t said...

wow you've accomplished so much! you're on a roll. i absolutely LOVE that choppy hair cut! If i had the face frame for it, i would do something similar :) I think it's pretty brave and neat that you mentioned your depression. I went through it seriously about 6 years ago when I first got really sick. I realize I haven't really talked about that on my blog before. maybe i will this year sometime.