Jan 4, 2013

New Years Goals

1.) Watch 25 movies I've never seen
2.) Lose 30 pounds
3.) Achieve the hair color I want

4.) Visit NY - NYC on NYE
5.) See Safe Haven in theaters

6.) Become a better person inside and out

7.) Eat healthier - cut junk food out - drink only water
8.) Get a part time job
9.) Get a tan
10.) Cancel gym membership
11.) Gain clarity - find myself

12.) Move somewhere new & start fresh
13.) Go back to school
14.) Take care of oral health - get braces off

15.) Get into the habit of waking up at 10 - sleeping by 2 (for now)
16.) Start exercising


Dani @ Inspire. Motivate. Love. said...

Love this list :) Xoxo

Rachel said...

Hi there - new follower from the blog hop! Love your blog & can't wait to read more! Hope you have a great day :)

Ashley said...

love the goals!! I need to get better sleeping habits like crazy!

Val said...

Perfect goals for a New Year!!

Mezanise Louis said...

Fantastic goal for the year!!!
Hope you get to accomplish all of your goals
For the year xox Mez