Jul 11, 2012

Sexual Innuendos

Am I the only child who laughs hysterically when hearing a sexual Innuendo? For those who don't know what that is, it's basically a saying or question that has a double meaning that for the dirty minders can also interpret a meaning about sex. 


"I'm leaving this place. Do you want to come?"

"Your body is a wonderland and I want to be Alice"

These ones are pretty boring, but you get the point. EVERY time I hear something that can be turned into something sexual, my mind automatically goes into the gutters and I either blush or laugh hysterically. Wanna know something even more sad then this? Without realizing I always seem to say something that can have a double meaning, I always catch myself right after it's said and I will always laugh. AT MYSELF.

...I never said I was normal...

Well last night I went to Olive Garden with my good friend. I was chowing down on the salad. There's these little jalapeno peppers that come with the salads

that I love to eat because I'm a spicy food freak. As I go to bite into one it makes this disgusting squirting sound and automatically we both start laughing like crazies.

Her: That sounded gross, what was that?
Me: I know, I don't know it's like filled with liquid (laughs harder holding the pepper away from me)
Her: Just eat it
Me: (laughs even harder) I can't every time I try to bite it it squirts at me!

...and this was only part of it...

All of this resulted in me getting death stares from the lady at the table in front of me. I didn't care though, life was just too darn funny at the moment. To wrap it all up. I have the mind of a pre teen boy. Don't judge me!


Sammantha said...

You are SO not alone, oh gosh, you should see me with some of my friends. We are absolutely ridiculous, but we have the best time ever.

New to your blog, and obviously I'm loving it and following. Stop by and say hi sometime!

The Middle Child said...

This is exactly like me! I love a good Sexual Innuendo!

New follower...you are hilarious! I will definitely keep reading.

xo kelsey said...

I am equally immature when it comes to those type of situations! That's what she said jokes still crack me up

Sarah Elizabeth said...

That is really funny! It's always fun to appreciate the little moments that make each day unique - like that juicy pepper! Thank you for stopping by my blog - I agree Sonic's limeades are delicious! So are their caramel shakes. Have a wonderful evening!

Niki said...

hahahaha you are definitely not the only one!!!

Maria at inredningsvis.se said...

Your blog is so cute and Im following...I hope you follow me also:)

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Have a great week.

LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

Shelby said...

Bahaha I laughed just from reading this post! When my friends and I get together, that's exactly how we are. Great post!:)

Shelby xoxo