Jul 19, 2012

If you really knew me...

So lately I've been seeing these "If you really knew me.." posts floating around Blogger! So I think I'll jump right in on this trend, because I'm a trendy person. and because it gives me something to blog about.

If you really knew me you would know...
I'm as blind as a bat. I wear contacts. Clear ones. My eye color IS my real eye color. I wear glasses before bed which rarely anybody has seen me wear until I posted this picture on Facebook...

I go through different phases with music. One moment I'll be a pop star and the next a rock star. But even so, I always seem to fall back on Country, because I'll forever be a Country gal at heart.

I drive with my windows down. I hate using the AC because I can't stand the sound. I hate the sound of the AC blowing, but when I'm trying to sleep I have to have a fan on because I love the sound. It calms me. Ha. Ha.

I'm a very independent person. I will pay for my own movie ticket and my own half of dinner unless you do it on your own. Like before I have the chance to. Basically I'll pay or take care of myself 100% on my own unless. But I do LOVE surprises (:

Although I'm independent for the most part, I'm very dependant when it comes to love and emotions. But when two people are in love, there should be no problem with that.

I'm always cold. It could be hot, but I'll be cold.

I can be very clingy with friends and relationships. I love holding hands, cuddling, linking arms. I love body heat.

I want to be very skinny and have a sexy body. I'm always hard on myself about my body image. I know I'm not big but I'm also not as small as I would like to be.

It makes me sad when people put themselves down and think their fat or ugly. I usually tell them their beautiful and perfect the way they are and I'm being honest because I think everybody is beautiful.

I sometimes have inner competitions with pretty girls that I don't know too well. I get intimidated, then I get to know them and everything is OK (:

I'm not shy or stuck up - I just don't feel comfortable broadcasting my life at first, but once I get to know you, you'll know ever detail.

I don't eat sea food of any kind. I think I'm allergic because one time I was pealing shrimp and my arm got all red and itchy. I tell people I'm allergic. But we're not going to find out if that's for sure because sea food just scares me.

I can forever eat pizza. My favorite food has always been pizza. When I was little one of my teachers at school asked the class what our favorite food was. Everyone said pizza. I said french fries because I wanted to be different. But It's always been pizza. I'm a cheep date (:

I'm a vegetarian at heart. I'll get so grossed out or even throw up if someone starts talking or making jokes about where steak, ham or pork chops come from at the table. The funny thing is, I love chicken. Which pretty much says where it comes from in the name.

As much as I'd love to be able to say I'm a runner or workout-aholic. I hate running. I hate the gym. I don't mind sweating. But repetitive movement irks me.

I would love to be a successful career woman and most likely will find some sort of career, but the thought of being a domestic housewife thrills me even more. But I still have future dreams for modeling and acting as well.



Dani said...

I can relate to the country fact that you gave! I will listen to different type of music, but country is always my favorite:)

Erin said...

You are so pretty, girl! I LOVE that Barbie necklace - where did you get it? :)
So sorry for all you've gone through, I hope things keep getting better.