Mar 2, 2012

Rude Customers

Let me start by saying I don't completely hate my job and these encounters don't really phase me anymore. They used to. I remember my first week cashiering being so overwhelmed when I had customers who weren't so polite. Long story short, I'm used to respect! It's how I am - It's what I give, it's what I automatically expect. So of course, I would come home crying about things that seem so silly now. But every so often I get a customer who's rudeness really stands out from the crowd! So let me share a couple situations:

*Quick background story* 
I work in a store whose whole existence relies on us selling memberships. Without the memberships, there wouldn't be a store. These people would NOT be shopping there. Sure they could find somewhere else if we shut down, but OBVIOUSLY they like the store. The cashiers are REQUIRED to ask everyone if members want to upgrade. Yes it gets annoying hearing it every time, but if we didn't try - we wouldn't have a job.
*As for me*
I'm not one of the "annoying cashiers" who wont take no for an answer. (even though It's required). When I do ask people if they want to upgrade it's usually when it benefits them - when their saving more money then they would be spending, when the upgrade cost is low. 

*Gift card event*
Sometimes we have these events where we give gift cards to people who upgrade. During these events I feel obligated to ask everyone no matter the upgrade price because HELLO - a free gift card! Sometimes the membership cost is so low where the customer will actually make money just by upgrading. That's when I get into major detail. Well one fine November day, as this event is going on this elderly lady who looks as though she wouldn't hurt a fly comes through my line.

Me: Hello, how are you doing today?
Her: -silently hands me her membership-
Me: Thank you! (as I notice she would make $12 just by upgrading)
Me: Just to let you know we have an event going on if you upgrade...
Her: -rolls her eye-
Me: you get a $20 gift card!
Me: -stares with fear- okay
Me: .......

So I hope I'm as classy like her when I get older. Thank God by that point, I had been there for three months. If that happened when I first started, I would have probably had a heart attack!

Story two involves one of our top salesmen:

Him: -explains the gift card event-
elderly man: -yells- Just check me out
Him: -finishes ringing up his things-
elderly man: (insert F word) you!

This customer must have forgotten that it's Thank you! Not F you. Another occurrence happened one morning when a bunch of cashiers decided not to come to work. Being that there was only one cashier and the store was a bit busy, I decided to clock in early to be some sort of help. Well besides working before actually having to, I wasn't feeling well. A lot of people have told me I'm one of the fastest cashiers. Some people have told me that they come in to my line because I don't mess around, I get the job done. Well this morning I found out that not everybody's opinion is alike!

Me: Good morning -smiles- how are you?
Middle aged foreign lady: Move it, I'm in a hurry
Me: -black stare- excuse me? Move it?
Her: Yeah move it. I'm in a hurry!
Me: Okay really? Move it. That's a little rude don't you think?
Her: Yeah move it you're really slow!
 Me: (well sense I can be the biggest smart ass, I rang her up super slow without another word)

This situation would have bothered me if the lady spoke properly. You could tell English isn't her first language! I have nothing against people who don't speak English. In fact other languages and cultures interest me. But when someone is being a witch with a B to you, all seriousness is gone when they can't even speak the spoken language properly. Plus, I know I'm a fast cashier. We were just short three. That wasn't my problem. I was bothered by the fact I couldn't tell her what I wanted to

The last cashier/customer feud happened today! My throat feels like it's swollen shut. I shouldn't have worked, but I feel like I had to! I can barely talk but I made an extra effort to make my voice sound normal, and to be extremely friendly. But I told myself I wouldn't strain my voice anymore then I have to. If the customer doesn't speak back when I greet them then why should further the conversation?

Me: -raspy sick voice- Hii -smiles-
Him: -no hi; hands over membership card-
Me: Thank you so much! How are you today?
Him: -crickets chirp as he just looks at me-
Me: -finishes ringing him up and hands him the receipt-

THIS MAN stares at me for like ten seconds like he's expecting me to say something so I look at him and he yells "THANK YOU? HAVE A GOOD DAY?" no he wasn't saying it to me. He was like demanding why me to say it in a question form. So I say "Have a good day" straining my voice. He walks off and says something along the lines of "I see your not". Um if he was trying to make me feel bad, I don't. I mean yeah I did because I always seem to feel bad when I feel like I did something wrong, but you can just tell this guy wanted to be mad at something. I TRIED talking and being friendly to him - just to get crickets chirping and vacant stares!

Oh well - like I said, these situations aren't a real bother to me anymore. Well lately, anyway! But I thought it would be fun to share them with you. A quote that gets me through the day is "Keep calm and carry on" because you can't let situations like this get to you. Rude customers are only a minor detain in your life story. You don't know these people, they don't know you so obviously they have self issues! Don't let their issues be your problem. Keep calm and let the moment pass!


Alana Christine said...

Holy cow! You must have a lot of patience!

Michelle P said...

Ugh that sounds horrible! I used to work in retail for 5 years and I hated it. Worst job ever.

Shaylynn... I BLAHWG. said...

I met the devils wife the other day, she was my patient, and I really thought she was going to be the end of me.

Her blood pressure was through the roof, shocking.

Bless your heart, people can be such a**holes.