Mar 3, 2012

My Imaginary Outfit Dilemma

I kind of wish I lived in Texas or at least had free time on my hands to attend this. I would love to go to a real rodeo! Just look at all the great artists preforming this year! Of course I could always just go to their concerts, but it's not the sameee. -sigh- There's just something about the idea of going to a rodeo that makes me feel like a true southern girl! Some day Heather. Some day! For now a girl can dream and outfit plan, can't she?! Do you ever see an outfit you like and visualize yourself wearing it at a certain place?


Today I saw this outfit on Pinterest and I thought it would look perfect on me at the rodeo! It's simple, but it's most definitely something I would wear. Of course I would add a cowboy hat and I would look great! But of course last minute thoughts will flood through my head.

"Maybe I should wear something I can move around more freely in"
"Who cares if I can't jump around or sit in the grass, I look awesome"
"I could always wear this on a concert date"
"....when do I ever go on concert dates?"
"Well if he asks me where I want to go, I'll say a concert"
"True - I'm not gonna want to jump around and be crazy on my date so this dress will be perfect"
"Maybe I should wear something dressier on my concert date"
"No, it's a concert! This is dressy enough"
"Okay so my outfit for my concert date is settled"
"Oh yeah - what am I going to wear tonight?"

After long thought and consideration, I end up wearing something like this! So cute and so convenient! Amen.


Monica's Notebook said...

Awww i love this post! You NEEEDDDD to go to the rodeo!! I live in San Antonio now but my family lives in Houston and the rodeo is SO much fun, I'm sad I didnt go this year :( Great outfit choices! :]

Europafox said...

I've been to the rodeo, funnily enough - loved it but it was a bit of a culture shock. Lennard Skynarrd was on the night we were there (we missed Leann Rhyms or how ever you spell it!). My only regret from my Texan days we not buying cowboy boots - I just started to 'go native' with country music, dancing and boots as I left. If I still lived there now I'd probably be more Texan than the Teaxans!