Mar 7, 2012

Painted Keys DIY

Today I decided I'll just share a little DIY I did that was Pinterest inspired - enjoy! :-)

I love the idea of prettifying each and every thing. This pin made me want to make every "plain" thing I own, pretty! This includes my keys, cell phone, my book mark, my coffee mug, etc! I finally did this key activity. Obviously there's no explaining how to.. It's simple. Paint your keys with pretty nail polish ((:

I painted my house key "Minted" by Revlon
Over coated it with "Crystalic" by Wet N Wild
And Triple coated it with Sally Hansen's "Hard as Nails"
the third coat was just to get it to dry faster!


Jamie said...

So smart!

Kristina said...

I really love this idea!!!

Kara said...

I love this idea!!

I would love for you to link this up to our Pinterest Challenge: