Mar 25, 2012

Conversations Today

I just thought of this idea less then a minute ago, I want to share with you a couple conversations I've had today. Today has been.. hectic. Conversations are exactly how to describe this day.

text message between mom and I 

me: I can't do this anymore!!! :(((
mom: work for a living?
me: udk my job - these people are crazy
mom: I love you and I'm proud of you

...gee thanks for your warm advice mom...

text message between a friend of mine and I
...which I'm still in major shock about...
[short story: he liked me - I wasn't into him]
Him: I wasted my time on you B----, F--- YOU!
Me: (once someone calls me a name I never speak to them again so I didn't reply)
Him: (as if one message wasn't enough) God you're stupid - F--- YOU B----
Me: (nothing)
Him: You're a c--- and a dumb wh---
Him (an hour later): You're a wh---
Him (an hour later): I regret saying that stuff. I'm sorry. I wont speak to you again.
Him: (an hour later): I feel bad about earlier, I was just mad. I don't want to lose you. lost me buddy! 

 I work with this freak show and told management about it because this was happening while I was working. While HE was working. While we were working practically facing each other he was blowing up my phone with these messages. I felt uncomfortable. They moved me to a register further away. Thank God.

Facebook conversation
My FB status: So this boy I considered my only true friend just told me to F off and called me every name other then my own, cool story bro!
Comment from an old friend: Only true friend? I think you just insulted everyone else you know.
...I sorry :(... 
I guess I shouldn't have used the "only true friend" label. Yeah I talked to that A hole every day and told him everything and he told me everything but that doesn't mean that my other friends aren't great friends. They're great people. A hole and I just were too bored people wasting time talking all the time and I guess the "best friend" label fell into category at the moment. He's obviously nothing now.

two male customers and my conversation
Guy one: You know, you're so beautiful
Guy two: Yeah you're so beautiful that we're producers of Girls Gone wild and we'd like to interview you!
Me: (smiling - in shock): Thank you?
I was secretly wondering if they were serious about being producers BUT the fact they were war vets in their mid-80's kind of gave me the impression they were not.

The love of my life and I's text message
Long story short - I met this boy last Halloween and we did the bf/gf thing for a little bit. "we grew apart" in February- we started talking again the beginning of March, he moved away a week later. He makes me happier then anyone in this world can! I've mentioned him once or twice in this blog. He may be the reason for my moving plans and "moving plans blog posts". We're just friends. Long distant friends now, that text. I miss being in his arms. Cuddling in his bed. That house he lived in and job he worked at. This city is empty without him. I love him. I texted him today saying I missed him. We texted almost all day then spoke on the phone and SHOULD I MENTION I feel like a kid in a candy shop?! He texted me after the fact... Originally I planned on typing the text conversation because I was happy with that. But I started typing this before the phone conversation and after-text. This is what was said.

Love of my life: I have a question. Do you deep down in your heart think we'll ever be together again or just stay friends?
Me: What do you think my heart thinks?
Love of my life: IDK. I hope your heart thinks that you would like to get back together and have a real relationship. You be there to come home to after work and be there to wake up to and enjoy life together.
Me: I think my heart would want nothing more.. I think my heart thinks that everything about what you just said sounds amazing. 

omygosh omygosh omygosh I'm almost positive we're meant to be!

Don't you feel like you just read something written by a teenager?  Today in a way was the worst day gone good. I was wondering if anything else bad could happen but somehow the conversation with Will just made me feel so unbelievably happy. Giddy. Love struck! Gahh. I'm done with the gushy stuff for tonight.

Oh one last thing, lovely reader...



Monica's Notebook said...

Okay, first off I CANT even believe the awful things that A hole was calling you! like what in the world, talk about complete psychopath!! and then telling you he doesnt want to lose you?! HAHA freakkkkshow! And Secondly, the last part is so so sweet! I hope yall do end up together!! :]

Heather said...

Aww, that's the sweetest text. I even got a little teary eyed reading it.