Mar 10, 2012

101 in 1001 Update


"Go to the gym 200 times this year"
I went every day except for Wednesday.

"Get my eyebrows waxed"
This isn't a once in a 1001 thing - I just couldn't think of something to fill the blank. So I put "get eyebrows done" lol. I had an enjoyable experience, the lady kept saying how great my eyebrows were that the arch is high and that their perfect. I felt so special!

"Do 5 DIY's"
I made a really nice birthday card for my step dad and I also made my house key pretty. 

"Wash my car" 
She's nice and shiny again.

"Save $1000 extra dollars"
Thanks income tax!

not the most picture friendly post, but my 101 is now a 66! 

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