Jan 20, 2012

False lashes and full lips

I don't have either! BUT. . . . .

Goodness gracious look at those roots!
I totally learned how to do a new hair style! This is sort of a big deal for me because I can't do ANYTHING with my hair besides putting it in a messy bun or leaving it down! Woo, now I have a variety of things I can do.

You can totally see up my nose o.O

I wore that hair style and this make up to work yesterday! My lips look humungous when I make this face. I wish I had naturally bigger lips. Full lips look so nice on girls. Take Megan Fox for example (known for her lips. . and transformers. . .  blue eyes . . . ehh. . . lips!) - shes absolutely gorgeous.


so speaking of ways to totally enhance someones face.. Okay okay we weren't speaking about that BUT if you let one thought lead to another like I did then we were thinking about it! So let's rephrase that. THINKING of ways to totally enhance someones face, after work today I went over to Tiffany's nail salon to FINALLY (after three months) get my eyebrows done. Well as I was sitting there waiting for the lady to get done with her other eyebrow patients, there was a sign! The sign said all this stuff about eye lash extensions! My senior year of HS that's what I wanted more then anything but they didn't offer them at nail salons way back then.. two years ago! Not where I live anyway! I really sorta kinda REALLY want eye lash extensions now.  Mine are just so.. non-existing! I swear there's eye lashes there but I want full, I want long, I want beautiful lashes!

 Have YOU ever gotten eye lash extensions??


A.B. said...

Cute hair... I love trying new styles. Thanks for the comment as well... Always fun to have new readers :)

Samantha said...

I have a false lash tutorial! check it out!

Amanda Nicole said...

My mom is a hair stylist and owns a salon.. one of the girls does lash extensions.. I've been so tempted to get them, but they take forever to get done. I really want them though!

Aubrey said...

YES! I've gotten lash extensions. I loved them, it was like a whole month of no mascara because my lashes were up to my eyebrows and they were so black. It looked soooo good. But they're expensive. If you're willing to spend that money I say go for it, even if its just one time, i think its worth it.

Aubrey said...

if you want to see my post/picture of them its right here, http://girllmeetsworld.blogspot.com/2011/12/eyelash-extensions.html