May 2, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1.) Osama Bin Laden
I'm not going to say "woo he's dead" because my mind doesn't think like that. I'm tired of everybody else saying that. I hate the whole death thing and never wish it upon anyone. No matter how mentally disturbed and wrong they are. I do believe they should be punished though. Locked up, chained to the floor so they can't ever escape, lol but no death penalty. I just think it's sick and wrong to cheer about the death of somebody. But on the other side I want to cheer for the love of my country. Not because he is dead but because our country is free from a terrorist. He caused so much harm to us. I don't think anybody who was alive for the 2001 attack has forgotten about it. I was only 9 and I still remember that day perfectly. I even poem about the tragedy because my heart was so broken from all of it. I love the United States with all of my heart and I'm so glad that we're free from his threats.

2.) Finals
My math final was today. I think I did good but I can never be too sure! Every time I assume I did excellent, turns out I didn't. Who knows. Another semester of math wont hurt if I ended up failing. Well today I had an emotional moment because this school year for half of it, I had a fling with a guy. I didn't know it was a fling I thought we would fall in love and get married and all the things a girl hopes for but never says out loud. But apparently I was a fling, and he left me for another girl. (third time this has happened, udk how awful it makes me feel) We had math together and Idk I kind of had this inch of hope that one day after me going out of my way to look gorgeous, he would at least speak to me again. Today was the last time I saw him and the last time I most likely will. It just broke my heart driving home thinking about that but it is all good in the hood

Happenings this week
Orthodontist appointment. Yeah, that's nothing to look forward to, but hopefully these people finally do something about my teeth. (you would think after a year they would) Their terrible doctors! Their for low income people, yet they charge exactly the same amount as regular income so I don't know the point in saying that. But I think I can sue them if they totally damage my teeth, right? ugh. Enough about this. Cinco De Mayo and the Wedding. My moms fiancee's brother's son (step cousin) is getting married on Friday and the rehearsal dinner is on Cinco De Mayo so it's kind of like a Mexican themed night. I'm excited. I love Mexican food but honestly I don't know why the to be bride and groom decided on Mexican food before the big day. But it's fine by me hehe


Tara said...

umm this whole post is similar to all of things going on in my head right now! Not about to celebrate a man's death even if he was a horrible person, it changes very little and won't bring anyone back. Also, Finals need to end :)

Mongs said...

I have to agree with you that I didn't feel very good looking at the pictures showing people celebrating Osama's death. Somehow I don't have a good feeling, let's pray that they don't retaliate.

Btw sorry to hear about what happened, i think these guys don't realize how beautiful you are... you will find someone who will love and treasure you:)


Jel said...

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ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Hey sweetie, I'm crossing my fingers that you passed your math finals with flying colors. And I'm so sorry about that "guy". Was he even man enough to make things formally over between you guys? When I was young I did have a fling but then, now that I am older and have matured I treasure having a long term relationship. I guess we have to kiss a few frogs to get to our Prince, right? =)

KatXoXo said...

It is strange how everyone is celebrating his death...I mean obviously people are happy but there kinda taking it to another level :S

Maryam said...

Its happy to see a person, like me, who is unhappy at the death. He was a human after all.
I love your new layouttt! :D