Apr 29, 2011

American Idol Thoughts #5

CASEY ABRAMSSSS left the show last night. Ryan kept saying how it would be a surprising night. How is that surprising? Surprising would be Scotty, Lauren, James even Haley. My point is they made it sound like one of them was going home. Ehh, Casey going home wasn't even worth a Facebook rant. Which I was SO ready to post if someone "surprising" went home. He was going crazy on his farewell song. He started kissing every girl and spinning on his butt. I think he knew the results beforehand and took some acid. Did you see how he turned to Haley when he sang that final verse of "your mine"? I thought that was cute, for them!

1.) Scotty Mccreery

Oh Scotty, I was terribly horrified that you would be leaving us tonight. You're not ready to go home, you're winner/bottom two material. You're a lovely singer. It's crazy how it's getting down to the ones I think are the best. This week I didn't vote, but next week I shall. A bunch of times.

2.) Lauren Alaina

Lauren Lauren Lauren I love you!! You're adorable! I can't believe you're only 16. You're like a Southern belle. It was so cute when Miley walked in and you were so happy to meet your idol! Your singing is great. Definitely radio material.

3.) James Durbin

You're total rock star status!! James Durbin, I can hear you rocking out on the radio but I wouldn't be able to tell if you're you or Adam. You both rock though!

4.) Jacob Lusk

I think you're personality is adorable and you're singing is like my choir. I see Broadway though when I see you.

5.) Haley Reinhart

I'm actually starting to like you. I listened to the song you sang by Adele last week, on Youtube quite a few times last night.


Nicole said...

Great post!!! I agree that the results weren't surprising. And I also agree with you about Haley. A few weeks ago I dost like her and I wanted her gone every week, but I actually like her now!! My favorites are James, Lauren, and Scotty!!!

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

I am so lame! I haven't been watching this season at all...)c: I actually miss it! Well, here's to a weekend that is less busy so I can catch up on all my shows! (c: hehehe

little miss southern love. said...

I love Scotty! He is definitely my favorite. I hope he wins!


Star-Light said...

happy friday!


Lauren said...

this was the first time i ever watched that show (it was by force, i was at my in-laws and they all watch it apparently) but i agree with you completely on these picks!

Cat said...

I am such a sucker for AI...I secretly wish I could sing :) Such talent!

xx Cat brideblu


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