Apr 21, 2011

Bunny Job, Hair, Blah

Yep that's me, one of the Easter bunnies at the mall. Don't laugh. I work on the set too but between people calling out, and the one girls hate for wearing the costume. I kind of got thrown into playing the bunny! But that's okay. It's 75 more cents an hour than I make working on set. The costume really is one big sweaty mess but the kids excitement when they see the bunny is absolutely beautiful. This job will be ending on Saturday. I'll miss it. It's been really fun.

I dyed my hair dark. I miss my blonde hair but my dark roots were getting over barring  So many people have said they like it like this, but it just doesn't feel right. I'm slowly starting to get used to it though.

I've been feeling out of it. I don't know whats wrong with me. My heads not here and everything just looks like a big blur. Yesterday I wasted a half tank of gas driving around not knowing where to go. I ended up stopping at the mall. Walking from one end to another. I didn't want anything. I don't know why I went but I went. I ended up buying chick-fil-a. And sat in my car eating it. I wasn't even hungry. Then I went thrift shopping. I don't even need more clothes. But I ended up buying. I haven't been talking in my happy bubbly voice. I've been talking. . normal. I haven't smiled either. Unless I forced it to be nice. I usually smile and laugh at everything. What's wrong with me? :-((


Monique said...

Love the bunny costume!

Monique xx



Adorable bunny! And nothing's wrong with you :)

k come karolina said...

kindergarden teacher! how cool!!!

xoxo from rome

americaneaglelove said...

Awwh that bunny costume is adorable! :) I really hope you get the receptionist job! Gorgeous hair, it looks completely natural and beautiful on you! Good luck on the ABC diet!

Sarah Kate said...

Hey girl! Saw your comment on my blog about the lizard. I def let him go free!! ;o)

About your hair...for years I bleached mine blonde, but I also have really dark roots. Just went dark again a few months ago. It takes some getting used to, but now I like it! U should stick with the brown and give your hair a break for awhile! It looks good!

fashionvic(tim) said...

I like your hair colour and I think it suits you well :-)