Apr 22, 2011

American Idol Thoughts #4

:( My Stefano got voted off *tear* I have nothing else to say.

1.) Scotty Mccreery

The judges were like putting you down last night. It was sad. I thought for sure you would be in the bottom three because of that but you still haven't been. That's great!

2.) Lauren Alaina

You and Scotty= Last two standing. I'll keep voting for the both of you for the weeks to come, as much as I can.

3.) James Durbin

He's a great singer, a great look, a great personality. I guess it doesn't matter he's so much like Adam. I think the bottom four will include him, Haley, Lauren and Scotty

4.) Casey Abrams

I don't know what happened. I liked him at first, but it's like he's changed.

5.) Jacob Lusk

When it came down to you in Stefano, although I LOVED Stefano. I was trying to but failed to imagine Idol without you.

6.) Haley Reinhart

"Haley you are in the bottom the bottom three"--"Haley you are safe" In the same sentence. *Haley high fives Casey* GAG. It doesn't matter anymore. She's pretty. She can sing. She's a good performer. Her attitude can go.


Mongs said...

when stefano was voted off, I thought of you, I had to come over and see what you have to say:) He's a nice boy.. i am sure there will something else for him out there. I like Lauren and I have a feeling that she will win.


KatXoXo said...

I loved Haleys performance!!

Hilary Anna said...

Thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog! It made me so happy. You are so sweet! And I love your American Idol post, Lauren Alaina is my girl! She's my favorite. I used to LOVE Scotty, but the whole singing out of the side of his mouth thing is just getting on my nerves now. He's an amazing singer, but when he sings, that's all I notice. You know, I love all of them, I don't want any of them to leave! :)

Star-Light said...

thank you dear :)

have a lovely weekend!


Katie said...

I adore Lauren! :)