Apr 15, 2011

American Idol Thoughts #3

From now on these American Idol entries wont be more then a few sentences since the last two I did basically tells you how I feel about each of them. Paul wasn't my favorite but I did think he was cute. So my eyes did get teary when he had to say goodbye!

1.) Scotty Mccreery

I voted for you, Lauren, and Stefano last night. Not that you needed my vote. Everybody loves you but I'm going to keep voting.

2. Stefano Langone

Thank God my vote mattered because I sat here and voted about 20 times for you. It's not even your singing, I just think you're cute! Haha superficial much? You do sing good though.

3.) Lauren Alaina

The same as I said about Scotty, Girl you are an amazing singer. I recently read an article online that Scotty and you are the two with the highest votes. I hope you get far.

4.) James Durbin

Amazing singer, and your looks aren't bad either but you're developing this cocky attitude that might not be good in the long run.

5.) Casey Abrams 

How you weren't in the bottom three beats me. Last night during you're song, you reminded me of a snake charmer, you've become so cocky since you were SAVED.

6.) Jacob Lusk

Still not very memorable for me. But that doesn't mean I think you're bad, I think you're really good when I actually listen, just I forget quickly. But you're not the only one.

7.) Haley Reinhart

You're becoming miss conceded yourself. To tell you the truth, I didn't watch you from the beginning so maybe you've been that way from the start. Stop it! If you would just take constructive criticism you'll make it far. You've got it. Just try. 


Anya adores said...

Hey Heather thanks for your lovely comment - we can't see the newest American Idol in Denmark, so please keep me posted. Great blog you have - I'm new to this blogging too, love it max- following you now - hope you do the same :O)
A xx

Star-Light said...

i wish i could see this show..the german version is so boring :)

happy friday dear!


Mongs said...

I do echo your thots, I like Stefano too, he's a nice boy and he has a descent voice. As for Casey, I do have to agree with you about him being over confident about himself but on the other hand I also agree with the judges that he's very talented. Like you, I hope either Stefano or Lauren will win too. This is the funny thing about American idol, it's not always about the singing, it's about how well you connect with people

Brissa said...

ummm. it was through this post i realized paul got eliminated. my heart shed a tear. uuuuugh.