Apr 14, 2011

Go Green

. . . Like the color of the sentence you are reading right now.

Going Green- The process of helping the planet and recycling to be a part of making the world last.

Why go green?
Not only will you get the feeling of self satisfaction for being one of many people taking part in cleaning the planet, but you will also be saving the planet and contributing to longer and better life.

Things you can do to go green
-Do you drink soda? Do you drink beer? Do you eat or drink anything from a can and end up throwing it away in the same garbage can you throw all of your trash in? Stop right now. If buying another can is too much, use a bag. Put your cans in there and take them to a local recycling center. If you have so many of them, some places actually give you cash for doing so.

-Grocery shopping? Clothes shopping? Plastic and paper bags. Two ideas. The idea I highly suggest you do is start carrying a reusable bag to take with you when you go shopping. But if that's just not an option for you. Save your bags, Do not, I repeat DO NOT throw them away. They can harm animals in search of food. Re use them. They make excellent garbage bags. [which obviously comes down to throwing away but hey at least we're consuming some time by re using]

-Buying fruits and vegetables from local farms and markets. (Doing this will make it so vehicles wont have to travel across the country so this is making you reduce emissions)

-When you're using notebook paper, use front and back. Save paper, save trees.

-You can also save the trees by not using so much toilet paper. I understand when you have to go you have to go but don't use the whole roll. Use just enough sheets to get the job done. Also instead of tissues, by a couple handkerchiefs.

-Don't let the water run while you brush your teeth or wash dishes. Turn it off between dishes and brushing. ALSO try and take shorter showers. Its so unnecessary to stay in the shower for an hour.

-Stop buying water bottles. Buy a re usable water bottle. They actually have some with a filter inside. Buying one of these could actually save you so much money also and keep from getting plastic in the landfills.

-Buy "green light bulbs" I'm not sure about the technical term. I'm not even sure there is a technical term but I do know they have these light bulbs that save power and energy. Buy them. Use them. They even last longer so you won't have to replace them constantly.

-Turn off the lights and TV when you're not in the room. That goes for anything else using energy when you're not in the room. I mean come on guys It can also save you money!

-Walk or ride your bike to short distances instead of driving. Again, saves you money on gas. Gives you a good work out.

-Use online banking. Pay bills online. 

-I can't really say I do this but another good way is to use a clothes line instead of the dryer to dry your clothes. 

-Cloth napkins instead of paper.

-Save an reuse glass jars, boxes, bags as much as possible.

-Donate and shop at thrift shops. You'd be so surprised what you can find there. You know the saying "one persons trash, the other persons treasure". It's just like saying "hey girl I like your shirt, let me have it" LOL.

Remember. . .
Going green isn't about "what's in it for me?". Going green is a life style and if you must question what's in it for you, the answer is a long healthy beautiful life! For you, for your children, for your grandchildren and so on. We take advantage of today. Do we ever stop to realize there might not be a tomorrow? It sounds like such a bad thought, but it's possible. Let's do our part to make life last!


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Domestic Sweetheart said...

Love your blog! Swapstyle.com is another great way to recycle clothes!

pinkredsoxgirl said...

I am in the environmental club at my school and I support the environment all the way..way to go! :)
xo Dina