Apr 8, 2011

American Idol Thoughts #2

I can't believe Pia got voted off, I mean I didn't like her much - she was good, she was pretty but she was just. . there. to me. I started screaming when they made it sound like Stefano was going home! He's such a cutie and I got scared :( well here are my thoughts.

1.) Scotty Mccreery

Since we're down to the final 8 I was easily able to make the list of four likes and four dislikes. Scotty of course was on the list of likes. He's a great singer. He's going to end up being a famous country singer.

2.) Paul Mcdonald

He has some great nights and some bad nights and each time he sings determines whether I like him or not. When he has a good night, I love him. When he has a bad night it's like go home already. So maybe that just tells me that if he's ever on the radio it will be one of those songs that I like for a week and then end up hating it.

3.) Stefano Langone

Oh Stefano, I am so happy I get to see your big brown eyes for another week! I like you a lot, but I don't see you being "American Idol" as much as you have the potential to do so. 

4.) Lauren Alaina

You'll make it far. You're good and I like you a lot. Usually when I'm not so much opinionated when it comes to a topic that topic is usually the one that goes far. So you will, my friend.

5.) James Durbin

AMAZING singer. I CAN see you becoming our "American Idol" because you have that look and that voice! But I have seen you before. It sucks when someone so talented has to be compared to someone else but you an Adam Lambert remind me so much of each other.

6.) Casey Abrams

You're just getting.. old. If you have rumors going around about you and Haley "hooking up" well heck, you fit right in to the trashy Celebrity world. Rumors are rumors but true or not whatever you were doing for people to get that was not very professional. Seems like you just want to have fun. So have fun but people who are serious about this should be the American Idol.

7.) Jacob Lusk

One of my commenters of last weeks entry said last weeks entry said he sounds like somebody in a choir in church. I was in Chorus for two years and High School and when I got a comment saying that I thought "wow that is so true, he does".

8.) Haley Reinhart 

I pretty much said what I had to say about her when I wrote about Casey. I have this feeling you and James will be in the bottom two. You just have that American appeal. But please please please stop growling, you're not a lion.


Alison said...

I agree with everything you had to say!!!!! James is definitely my favorite, and Casey reminds me of Taylor Hicks!

A Lost Feather said...

i love scotty.. he's such a cutie. i don't watch it all that often, but i was totally shocked when pia was voted off.. so crazy

Sarah said...

I liked Pia least!!!! Yay!
I love Scotty (so cute), Casey, and Hayley best <3