Apr 11, 2011

Nail Polish Love

Nail polish (nail pawl-ish)
1. A drying liquid to accessorize our nails, to make them shiny and/or colorful and also stand out.

There's tons of colors to chose from. Thousands to be exact! From clear to black. Pinks, Blues, Greens, White, Golds, even Metallics!

Nail polish is one of the most used accessories. Guys even wear it. Pretty boys. They go for clear. I guess the journey through time hasn't made it socially acceptable for men to wear colorful polish yet.

Have you ever thought of that? How as time goes on, things that were once not socially appropriate are slowly becoming just "normal"

I once had a conversation with someone about how today guys are wearing skinny jeans and soon it will be shorter shorts or during the winter they'll be wearing boots with their skinny jeans tucked into them. Something that seems strange now will be normal in a few years. 10 years ago nobody would have thought men would be walking around with hip and leg huggers on, now did we?

Back to nail polish, I hope men don't end up wearing colorful polish. I don't like that idea, I don't like the skinny jean idea either.

My favorite color nail polishes are. . . . .

Sparkley Ruby Red, Coral, Bright Orange with or with out glitter! I'm not promoting these brands or anything, I just found these colors on Google images. They look like they work wonderful though :-) What are your favorite nail polish colors??


LikeSpinningPlates said...

I love this post because I paint my nails about every day haha. In the winter I like dark and bold colors like ruby red and navy blue. In the spring and summer I love pastels. Right now I'm wearing a lot of turquoise, pale pink, and baby blue!

Kimberly O. said...

I'm normally a coral/pink kinda girl but lately I've been branching out into pretty blues.

Cardinal Ruby said...

I love nailpaints.
I have a thing for reds these days.

Angela said...

Love that Illamasqua shade!

I'm a big nail polish fan but while I love the look of light pinks and nudes on other girls, I find that brighter colours and more dramatic shades look better on me.

Jewels For Hope said...

I love nailpolish! I currently have neon pink on 8 of my nails and black on 2 haha. I need to spice it up usually lol

Anonymous said...

Oh god, I really hope guys don't start wearing short shorts.. haha.

I looove coral nailpolish. And purples. And lately I've been loving doing actual designs, rather than just one solid color. And if all else fails, I always go back to french manicures lol

Val said...

I just bought the yellow the other day....I'm thinking I need to get that amazing orange color =))

Jessica Marie said...

Love all these beautiful colors! Nail polish really is a great way to add a pop of color...but I hope it's left to the women of the world!

Stop by and say hello sometime. :)

Jessica Marie

Anonymous said...

Hehe :) I love nail polish too! Weirder, the colour d better!! :)
I really hope guys don't end up wearing nail polish too :P
Thank u for stopping by my blog.
Keep visiting!! :)

Caiti said...

I do not have a favorite brand exactly but I enjoy purpleypinkish colors. However, my coworker told me that, according to Cosmo, men most enjoy when we paint our toenails red. And they least enjoy it when we paint them yellow. Useful information right? ;)

VividSaavY©2010 said...

beautiful ruby red

Shadow said...

i agree, nail polish ain't for men!!! i'm into black, white and lavendar at the moment.

Kimberly said...

loooooooooooove nail polish!! Mine are a hot bright pink right now :)