Mar 31, 2011

American Idol Thoughts

Who watched American Idol tonight. Thoughts? My thoughts are I really didn't want Thia to leave. She's so pretty and has amazing potential. I cried when she sang the Pocahontas song and LOVED when she sang "Daniel". Such a beautiful performance! Well here are my thoughts of the Final 9 and a video of Thia Megia  

1.) Scotty Mccreery

Close your eyes and listen as he sings. Two things you'll notice. One, He doesn't sound like a 17 year old and two he doesn't sound like an American Idol contestant. This could be a good thing or a bad thing. A good thing because he sounds like the perfect country singer. He sings professionally like he's already on the radio and has a record deal. A bad thing is that the American Idol judges could very well get tired of the country songs every Week. I think he sounds like an angel and should be on a country station as it is.

2.) Paul Mcdonald

I don't see him as being our "American Idol". who knows though, we've had some different people in the past. His voice is pretty, I love the raspy voice and besides that, he's a cutie. Tonight he was in the bottom three but I knew he was safe I saw Naima or Thia leaving from the moment they picked the final three.

3.) Pia Toscano

The word to describe a performance the judges use often is "safe" and thats how I think Pia is, "safe" I don't think anything of her while she sings besides she sounds professional. Like Scotty, she shouldn't be on Idol because she already sounds as if she should be on the radio. 

4.) Stefano Langone

I think it looks so sweet when he closes his eyes and sings. But of course judges don't want sweet, they want professional. He's a really good singer but I don't see him winning.

5.) Lauren Alaina

I really like her, she's my favorite girl now that Thia's gone. Her personality is so cutesy and her singing voice is so pretty. I can see me listening to her songs if and when she makes an album

6.) James Durbin

He's one of the best guys in this competition, well they're all pretty good but excluding Scotty's country singing, James is the best guy. He reminds me of Adam Lambert and this might be a bad thing because we can't have two Adams but these days, all music is the same anyway. He truly is the best though.

7.) Casey Abrams

I think maybe the reason I even like him is because he resembles Zach Galifianakis. But put that aside, ehh sometimes he sings perfect and sometimes not so much. America likes him though!

8.) Jacob Lusk

He has a cute personality but I have to admit when he sings I'm never listening. But when I do, I think he sounds good, then after the song is over I just forget about it. I think once we get down to less people and he's still in the competition that his singing will be more memorable to me.

9.) Haley Reinhart

I'm starting to calm down when I hear or see her, but I have to admit for the last few weeks I've been "ehh". I'll love her if she would just stop growling!! I think she'll make it far because she's a singer that everybody can look up to. Good looks and a unique voice.


ItsMrsHaynestoyouu! said...

I love scotty & Lauren(:

But I think Jacob Lusk is more of a choir singer, like for churches not really american idol. Although he's good. But Eh, Im glad Nyima or however you spell it is gonee!

Just my opinions.

The Cat Hag said...

That's a pretty nice run-down of the contestants.

From their pictures, I think Pia might sell the most records because she looks very marketable. :)

The Cat Hag

Piril Maria said...


Thanks for your comment on my blog. Made my day.
Great post btw. =)

Follow me, I'll follow you.

Buy Rift Accounts said...

i didn't want her to leave too but i must admit that she's losing her touch for the past weeks:(

Ciccia said...

We don't get American Idol here in Italy so I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you!

sartorial diary said...

haven't really been following idol this season,but from whatever little i have seen, i gots to say jacob lusk has STAR written all over him!something tells me he'll soon be pulling a jennifer hudson on us!
although my money's on pia toscano!
also gots to love casey abrams!he's like this big cuddly bear!

Jen said...

I have to say, I'm lovin' Paul! His voice is so unique and I can't get enough of it!! This year's AI is sooo good tho!

Happy Friday Dear! xo

Natalinez said...

Thank you so much for your coment :) Paul is the best! I you want we can follow each other?

xx, Natalinez♥

Froso M. said...

I prefer Scotty!

Have a nice weekend,
Froso from Style Nirvana.

Luke Gardner said...

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