Mar 12, 2011

Japan has Emotionally Affected me

Hey ladies so I have a lot on my mind today. The Japan earth quake, tsunami, then explosion, has really taking a toll on me. Not a few, not a hundred, but THOUSANDS of peoples lives were lost! Natural disasters have been happening a lot these last few years. So many lives have been taking and my heart breaks for all of them and makes me wonder what there is to come. I cant help but think my time is almost coming and it's scaring me. I'm not ready to go & neither were those people. It all makes me realize how short life is. ANY second we could all be gone. And I'm really hating that any second I can be gone and I haven't accomplished anything thus far. I've never even been in love :( I don't want to die a lonely woman and that makes me feel selfish. I don't want to die a lonely woman while all those lives were taken, I'm pretty sure they didn't complete everything they wanted to as well. But unfortunately it's not our choice! The things we get while we live isn't our choice either. Everything is in Gods hands and if God wants us to die a certain way, then that's how we'll die. If God wants us to live a certain way, then that's how we'll live. I keep writing a sentence of what I want out of life, but I also keep deleting it because It's just selfish to want while people who never got, are gone. Does this mean that we shouldn't waste our life wanting? Maybe we should just do. Be spontaneous while you can. Let everybody that you love, know you love them and If you like somebody, don't play games, be with them. Because not everybody gets the honor of companionship while they live. Tell people how you truly feel. If you have something to say, say it. But NEVER EVER say things to people that, if something happened to them, you'd regret. I finally understand the saying "live like you're dying" because we don't know when it will be OUR time. In a blink of an eye, everything can be gone. Today's society has become selfish, money obsessed, disrespectful and pure evil. So many people's life motto is probably "no regrets" which is just SELFISH. Unless you've told everybody you've hurt that you're sorry and proved it, then you better have regrets and we all have somebody to tell we're sorry to, because if we didn't life wouldn't be as out of control as it is today. If we all could do this as an individual then our society would be a lot better as a whole. So please everybody live today like its your last day. Treat others with respect because in this universe, all we have is each other and the way we treat others is what makes our life! And if something happens to us, as it did in Japan, I'm pretty sure you want your last thought to be "no regrets"

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