Mar 21, 2011

A coming of age story

Hello kids and welcome to story time hour! Today I'm going to tell you about a story of a girl who struggles through consequences in order to get to the gym for a nice refreshing work out. Sit back relax and visualize!

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Once upon a time a princess in a far away town in the middle of no where, woke up a happy camper. Not so much that she had school but more so because of the fact she was going to the gym after. 1:45 came and what happens? This happened

She was just so happy that it was almost gym time. "but, wait" she said silently to herself. "I need to buy some new tennis shoes!" she exclaimed. "I could always use my old ones I suppose" she negotiated with herself, if that even makes since! "NO I CAN'T" she yelled and decieded once in for all. A minute later, Heather got into her car and drove off! 

Wind her up and watch her go where she stops nobody knows!! "Vroom Vroom!!" says the car. "Where shall we go today Princess Heather?" He asks. "Oh car, my lovely car, I do not know where we shall go, I'm afraid I need some new tennis shoes and I don't know where to find them". Heather replies. "I know a place!!" says the car, and with that he turns the corner rapidly to get to where they were going! Suddenly, they stop.
"whoa where are we?" Heather stares with amazement and astonishment"

This, my friend, is Walmart." car replies!
"It's perfect" Heather shrieks!!
Heather, then locks her car up, kisses it on the hood and tells him to wait here, that she'll only be a moment.
Walking in felt like walking in the pearly gates of heaven, it was a whole other universe to her, her eyes shined bright with joy and wonder!
"Hello ma'am! I reckon you buy one of our cows today" The lady greets her at the door "They make some good grub, ya hear?"
Heather thinks how sad it is that people have to eat poor innocent animals but she smiles and says "No thank you, but can you tell me where the shoes are?"
"Right over that away" The lady points.
"Thank you" Heather says running toward the shoes!
"Wow theres so many too chose from, where should I begin"
Usually Heather spends hours looking for the perfect pair of shoes but something all of the sudden catches her eye, it was like a gravitational pull, but only better! 
Besides all that, they were perfect! They were light weighted, they were white! They were clearance!!

Heather then grabs the shoes and leaps for joy to the cash register!
"I'd like to purchase these shoes, please" she says cheerfully
The cashier growls and moos "Really? I never would have guessed someone walking up to the cash register, with items in their hand wanted to buy the items"
"that wasn't called for" pouts Heather
"whatever! 15 dollars" the cashier screams
Heather throws the cashier the money, grabs the shoes and runs! 
Runs fast, passes the greeter who moans like a ghost in a haunted house "Buy our cowsssss"
"NO NEVER!!!" Heather wails!
Heather jumps in her car out of breath says "that was awful lets go" to her car.
pulling into the drive way, Heather jumps out of the car, rushes inside and races to get her work out clothes and new shoes on and hops back in the car
"I'm so excited to go to the gym" Heather sighs as they arrive.

Heather steps a foot inside and sings "I'm home at last" and rushes to the treadmill and runs for a good 30 minutes. Suddenly she feels something stinging on the back of her foot.
"Whatever could it be hurting my foot?" she questions.
Heather presses the stop button on the treadmill and looks at her foot
she screams "OMG THEY CURSED MEEEE!!!!"

Heather leaves the gym and explains what happened to her car and why she was out so early. She told him that she thought that Walmart cursed her and how sad she was that she didn't get a full work out.
Car laughs "hunny, it wasn't Walmart who cursed you, it was just the new shoes, when you get new shoes that aren't necessarily a top notch brand, there might be consequences! Those things on your ankles are called blisters. They will heal. Next time you wear you're new shoes, put some band aides on them and maybe get some thicker socks"
It was all making since to Heather now, the shoes, the blisters, the socks. Now she understood! and was certainly going to take Cars' advice!

Theee end

Now the real story;; I woke up dreading going to school but still went, already planned on going to Walmart after for some cheep shoes. The workers there were friendly and I know they don't sell cows. Thats not really my car. My car and I don't engage in conversations. My mom actually gave me the advice to wear thicker socks and band aides. Those are my feet and they hurt. This picture was taken after the gym. Only 30  minutes and I look like a mess haha. Hope you enjoyed the story!

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