Mar 9, 2011

How to start a business from home

Whether it's making/selling clothes, making/selling food, photography or just anything else you have in mind, you can start a business at home! I'm not saying drop out of school because an education is important! Not everyone is successful in your own business, so start while you're in school or at your current job and if your business gets big, then go from there.

1.) To start, you need a talent. As I mentioned before, it can be cooking, baking, making clothes, taking professional pictures, jewelry making, anything that you're talented in, there's always going to be at least someone out there willing to pay for it.

2.) (optional) If you have an extra room in your house you should devote that room to you're business! If fashion is your skill, then make it a room for your mannequins & sewing table. You can't really do much with a room if you're cooking, since that takes place in the kitchen! Jewelry making - you can put your jewelry stand in there! Photography - set up backgrounds and lighting, etc! You get the point.

3.) Picture time! Make an album of the things you can do! For cooking, make a menu and take some pictures so people can see what it looks like! Clothes, make a good variety of everything and get some people to wear it, take pictures of them and make a portfolio, so people know what to expect from you. Photography, get some of your friends to let you take pictures of them so you can make a portfolio, Pictures not only let people see what you're selling, they're also more appealing.

4.) Get out there! Make some flyer's on the computer using "Word" or even "Paint". On them put your contact information and address and some pictures of some of your work. Make a lot of them to hand out at a popular area of the city you're in! If you do it at the mall, or a local grocery store you can even talk to the supervisors into letting you set up a mini stand, which you can bring samples of your work and your portfolio, letting them know that your a beginning business trying to started. Give them you're flyer and let them know that you look forward to hearing from them!

5.) Keep promoting your business. You'll eventually attract customers! Keep updating your portfolio or menu and selling your products!!

These are the simple steps you need to take in beginning a business from home, I'll be writing about what to do once your business takes off.! So keep reading!

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