Mar 6, 2011

Pretty People

Marilyn Monroe
She is the ultimate pretty girl
Alot of girls quote her as a Facebook status
without even knowing who said it.
She's just that great that people quote her without even knowing
she's truly an inspiration

Megan Fox
When I saw her on that Mary Kate and Ashley movie for the first time I thought she was pretty then when I saw "Transformers" I fell in love!
Even though she's had plastic surgery, I think shes one of the most beautiful women!

Robert Pattinson
While watching "Twilight" I'm usually team Jacob,
But Bella & Edwards love is so beautiful at the same time! 
Ok back on topic, Robert looks the same on and off the movie
Taylor doesn't! Well, he does but not enough to add him to the list
Robert is SO cute!

Mila Kunis
She was always my favorite on "That 70's show"
but when "Black Swan" came out I looked her up
and thought wow she's really pretty
therefore that's why she's on my list (:

Wilmer Valderrama
On the subject of "That 70's Show"
(which I didn't have a crush on him while he was on there)
But I did think he was addorible
I fell in love with "Handy Manny" LOL
(I never knew they were the same person)
and I never thought "Handy Manny" would be this hot!

Amanda Seyfried
On "Mean Girls" I thought she had a "slutty look"
but of course that's what they wanted her to look like
I love her blonde hair, it almost makes me want to leave my hair blonde
(despite my dark roots)
Her voice is so cute too
(weird, I was noticing that watching "Dear John" last night)
She's so beautiful ahh!

Miranda Kerr
She's a Victorias Secret Angel and married to Orlando Bloom
But as I was going through the Top 50 Victorias Secret models
I decided she's one of the prettiest

Channing Tatum
Wow he's gorgeous!

Hayden Panettiere
I thought she was gorgeous in "Ice Princess"
then after seeing her in "Bring it on- All or Nothing"
I wanted to be like her

Jake Gyllenhall
"Love and Other Drugs" constantly went on my favorite movie list
He's so cute!!

Ashley Benson
"Bring It On- In It to win it"
is where it all began
then the other cheerleading movie she played in
I love watching her in "Pretty Little Liars"
I was told I look like her once, which I don't but It still filled my heart <3

Ryan Reynolds

Selena Gomez
Shes beautiful and Classy
People need to stop hating her for being with Justin B.
Honestly, I think she's too pretty for him

Taylor Lautner
Okay let me just add him
ONLY because if I was watching New Moon right now
he would be on this list

Abby Pivaronas
Saw her on Jonas and as much as I was for Joe and Stella
I couldn't help not to think she's pretty

Rebecca Herbst
From General Hospital

Kelly Monaco
From General Hospital

Kirsten Storms
From General Hospital
yes, that's my soap!!

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