Feb 28, 2011

My Favorite Show at the Moment

As of right now this is my favorite TV show. The Gilmore Girls :) I have every season on DVD and at the beginning of February I started watching them again! I think what attracts me the most to this show is the warm feeling I get when I see these people walking around Stars Hollow, I have always wanted to live in a town like that. Season festivals, everybody knowing everybody, and nice little hang outs such as Lukes diner! It's possibly the relationships, I love! The guys are always such hotties. From Christopher to Luke and Dean to Logan. Jess and Luke are my favorites though! oo la la I also love Rory, she's like my role model. She has so much determination with school and learning. She always has a book in her hand and like Lorelai, knows almost everything about the pop culture and has seen almost every movie and on top of all that, their hilarious and witty! The things these girls say are just genius! I could watch these DVDs over and over again.

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