Mar 1, 2011

Happy March [Goals]

I love starting a new month. Starting a new month is just like starting over and that's just what I do. When it's the first, I try to make the best out of the month by leaving every problem in the last month and simply working to make the most out of the new one. Here I've made a list of goals I plan to accomplish this month. Happy March everyone!

  • Set a daily routine- I am the WORST at going to bed and waking up at a specific time. So I came up with an idea of making a daily schedule. If I had a list to follow each day, I'll eventually start doing things out of habit!

  • Focus on school-  While I'm at school, I usually end up spending half of my time texting. Then there's my lack of focus when I'm not in school. Besides worksheets that have to be turned in, I spend little to no time studying! This of course, will not get me anywhere! I am determined to change this month!
  • Read more- During High School I think I was brainwashed by everybody when they said that reading was boring, but now I'm thinking that I haven't read enough books through my life. Starting this month I want to read A LOT.
  • Better hair- As of right now, my hair looks like a rooty mess. I really don't want to touch the length but I haven't cut it since last Summer and I'm starting to get some fly aways and split ends, I'm planning on trimming it the day I get out of school for Spring beak! I really don't want to :( I have a feeling I'm going to cry that day!

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Sam {} said...

great goals!! i need to do a few of these as well :)