Feb 27, 2011

My First Post

I decided to create a "more entertaining" blog since the one I already have is more of a diary. I hope that one day I have 392,483 followers BUT if I don't at least I'll have fun creating it. My current thoughts include money and traveling. As you may or may not know I recently quit my job to focus more on school because doing both was so overwhelming for me, but now I'm asking myself why I walked away from the mula! No regrets, though! One day I'll have all the money in the world to travel since I quit. I will now be able to focus on my classes and get good grades which equals future success! Woo. Oh how I wish I could travel now though -sigh- As for now, I'm going through blogs and looking for interesting people to follow! Alright, well I have school bright in the early AM and should be getting some beauty sleep! Peace out girl scouts!

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learned a lot