May 2, 2016

Now it's a Waiting Process

Happy May!

I know I'm a day late but it's hard to find time during the work week since I have so much going on. Remember last week how I was talking about all my exciting plans? They've been put on a pause for the time being.

-The house I'm going to be renting is actually in the process of being purchased by the man who's going to be renting to me. I don't know why he posted it on Craigslist if he wasn't near ready. I have to be out on the 6th, today is the 2nd. He's still waiting for it to close and then he has to get the paper work and it's just a big process. He guaranteed it will be ready for me by the 6th but it doesn't feel like it will. I stopped looking because this was a pretty set deal. Now it's getting close to Friday and I don't know what I'm going to do if it isn't ready.

-School? Well, I logged into my college website today and all of a sudden it's telling me that I can't take classes until I meet with my counselor. The earliest appointment they had was the day after classes start. I guess I won't be doing Summer 1 now.

Basically I am so ready to get out of my parents house despite the whole rooster situation these last few weeks have just made me resentful to them. I was playing babysitter for my mom again last night. It wasn't nearly as bad as it normally gets but I get nervous when I wake up to the smell of smoke and banging through the house, screaming every minute, etc. Her fiancé, just ends up leaving with the dog. Some man! I love my mom deep down, but I'm so tired of her immaturity with her issues. She's gotten help countless times and falls back into the same pattern. Her fiancé always ends up leaving. It's ridiculous and then when she's sane, they'll gang up on me to harass me - insult after insult. I stay to myself. That's just what makes them bond, being negative towards me. It's getting old.

-I am in the process of losing weight again. AGAIN. I've been on a constant on and off diet since I was 18 and I'm getting a little mad at myself at this point for not being able to stick to it. Like I was completely good for the last four days, but today I binged. But now, I don't plan on doing that again. It's really an ongoing battle with me. I don't know.

I guess you can say this is my stressed post for the month. I'm hoping I'm just having a day and everything will be better tomorrow. I'm praying everything works out for the best as a matter of fact. I'm going to take a shower and paint my nails. I shall write again tomorrow with some good news I hope.

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