Apr 7, 2016

I love my feather babies

Something different about me now from the last time I was an avid blogger on here is I got farm animals. Well, two roosters, two ducks and a hen!

No, I did not know I was getting two roosters either. It kind of just happened. March 2nd of 2015, I went to the pet store with the intentions of getting one little yellow chick. The guy put one in my hand and I was in love. Then I thought maybe I should get a little friend for "her" and the guy put a little brown chick in my ex's hand! We asked to make sure if it was a girl. He told us there's no way to tell right now, but most likely they are both female because the roosters are killed at birth. :-/ long story short. I was the proud mother of these little feather children.

and of course I fell in love and still loved them even though they became these big boys - Meet Rooster Roo & Patsy Cline!!

and that's not even their full size - they are HUGE now, but precious. They crow so loud. I live in a neighborhood in a small town in Florida and the people in my neighborhood aren't too thrilled. I've rode my bike around the neighborhood and have heard them crowing at the furthest point! I'm trying to find a house to move into a country area where it's common, because I currently live with my parental figures still. Yea. at 23. It's sad. But my point of this post is I'm going to be building something for my ducks and chickens to be a bit more comfortable living in pretty soon, and I wanted to share this because once I finally do, things are going to get so much easier for me, and them. It will be quite the accomplishment. But anyway now you've met Pasty and Roo. Next post you will meet Donald and Daisy Duck! Good night!

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