Nov 6, 2012

22 Reasons to be Thankful 1-6

I haven't had time to acknowledge it being November yet and everybody knows if it isn't blog official, then it ain't official! So happy November everybody! In honor of it being the month of Thanksgiving, I thought I would take some time to ponder about the things I'm thankful for. Thanksgiving is on the 22nd so 22 reasons.. You get the idea!

I am thankful for... the ability to do anything I want in life
I am thankful for... my two cats and other adorable fur balls in this world
I am thankful for... my family and friends who have never left my side
I am thankful for... a warm bed to sleep in at night
I am thankful for... falling in love after falling in love
I am thankful for... being the daughter of an amazing man, (even if time was cut short)

I miss you every. single. day.

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Val said...

Such a great much to be thankful for.