Sep 17, 2012

Steps to Happiness :)

Love <3

Everybody has their opinion of what contributes to personal happiness. Mine just so happens to be good health, success & love. I feel like if I work towards these things daily that I will have a really good life. I'll describe what I mean by this.

Health: I don't ALWAYS practice what I preach when I say I don't believe in Doctors and that almost anything is curable just by making changes or using home remedies. I do believe that, though. I think if you honestly believe there's a problem, you are capable of fixing it. I get really bad cramps and a scratchy throat after I eat anything with dairy in it. I've never been told I'm lactose intolerance, but I'm thinking that's what it is. Basically, I know my choices result in pain. If I just cut out dairy and substitute it with something else. A LOT of stomach and throat aches would be avoided. If we eliminate the amount of carbs we consume we wouldn't feel so weighed down. If we break down the amount of sugar we eat, we really will start becoming more alert. That's what I want: to feel light and alert; to feel beautiful. 

Success: I ended up quitting college. I didn't really say "I'm quitting" or anything and I don't consider myself done. I just haven't gone for what, a year now? I don't know. I plan on going back in January if I have the money. Basically it's good to have an education. I recommend you staying in school and getting that degree because you wont always feel like there's something more you can be doing. Plus it's good to have that, it looks good for whom ever you are trying to impress. Don't lie, we all want to impress (: Also, having and keeping a job is a successful thing to do! Obviously you're making money to live, but at the same time having a job is part of the american dream, right?

Love:  This doesn't mean you have to have a boy friend/girl friend! I don't mean intimacy, I mean love! Love yourself, love your family, love your friends. Did you know it's impossible to love someone else if you don't love yourself entirely. Love with all of your heart. When you love yourself, you automatically love life. You're able to give everybody the unlimited amount of love that you have. I guess health and success contributes to loving yourself which is why this was listed last.

Here's my list of things that I believe will contribute to success in those categories:

1.) Be beautiful inside and out
2.) ALWAYS be optimistic
3.) Smile and laugh constantly
4.) Don't over think
5.) Let go (:
6.) Get a good nights sleep
7.) Drink only water
(there's a lot of health benefits in that)
8.) Don't eat after 6:30
9.) Commit to goals
10.) Take daily walks
11.) Read a daily devotional
12.) Be on time
13.) Do things as a perfectionist
14.) Further your education
15.) Wash your face twice a day
16.) Floss your teeth daily
17.) Stop cursing or being negative
18.) Dream big
19.) Be thankful - show you're gratitude
20.) Plan your days with to do lists!

Of course there's a lot more things you can do, but this is just my list that I like to go by! You all should make something like this to share on your blog. I would love to see what your ideas and steps to happiness are! Hope everyone has a blessed day <3


Niki a real life military wife said...

Good Luck!!

My-cliffnotes said...

I love your list! ESP #1!!!!

Veronica and Daniel said...

Love this list! I wish I was disciplined enough to just drink water - I do drink lots, but I am a total coffee girl in the mornings! And #12) Be on time - I think the world could use a little more of that :) Question: Do you have any home remedies for allergies (like seasonal allergies to pollen/grass)? I have been looking into some different options rather than the allergy medicine I currently take...just thought I would ask :)

Dani @ Inspire Motivate Love said...

Ohmygosh.....this is just what I needed to read this week! :) So inspiring, and perfect for where I want to take my life.