Sep 21, 2012

Fridays Letters

It's Friday, Friday, Friday! I think those are the only words I know to that horribly annoying  yet catchy song. Well hello there Friday, we meet again! Seriously ladies, unemployment is messing with me. Yesterday and the day before were also Friday for me. Well happy Friday to all of you who are happy that it's Friday! Before I start writing one sentence letters to random happenings in my life, I want to give a big thank you to Caitlyn! Last night she made a donation to my Relay team. If your interested read about it here - I will continue taking October sponsors for donations until October 1st.

Dear Friday, 
I feel like you're never ended. I'm starting to wonder if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

Dear job starting October 1st,
I think I'd rather live a never ending Friday than to go work for you! But I have decided that I will go to to you even though you're 30 minutes out of my way and something I do not want to do.

Dear Starbucks, 
Thank you. For everything. 

Dear Relay for Life team, 
I look forward to working with you to fight the horrible disease. Being a part of you feels truly rewarding.

Dear Cancer,
You've effected me enough, I will put a stop to you!

Dear New Followers, 
Thank you <3

Dear Followers in General, 
Thank you <3

Dear Michaels Arts and Crafts, 
I think you and that guy Starbucks are just trying to team against me.

Dear hair, 
I know you're a mess lately but taming you to be washed every few days rather than every day will benefit you eventually!

Dear 90's, 
I was reminiscing about your amazing songs, movies and shows last night. Come back?

Dear weekend,
Bring it (: 


Sara Clemente Alonso said...

Hi dear!
Love so much you're blog, is amazing!
Follow u, my name in GFC is: sexy_paige_cucu.

Hope u follow back :) :)

A lot of kisses.

Hallie said...

Totally agree with the whole 90's thing, and I wish I had a constant Friday!

Adorable blog
found you through Friday Letters
new follower!


Miss Traci said...

Ok, so reading your letters made me cry. Which is probably a little {a lot} weird, but tomorrow would be my brother in law's 25th birthday...except that he passed away from testicular cancer on Valentine's Day. So with that happening and missing him and then reading about how excited you are to work with Relay for Life kind of made me lose it. I don't even know you, but I love you for that. Have a phenomenal weekend!

Silver {A Silver Snapshot} said...

Hey thanks for commenting on my blog! I love your involvement in cancer - it's inspiring. Also I share your love of Starbucks too! Happy Friday!

Silver from A Silver Snapshot


Thank you for the blog follow. I'm so going to agree with the Starbucks & Micheal's collaboration! Target is in on it too.. sneaky. Sorry to see that Cancer has effected your life. ((hugs)) and a big YES to the 90's music for sure!! Great post, Happy Friday!

Samantha said...

Ha, love your letter to starbucks ;)

Cait Monster said...

Thanks for the mention!
Also, I agree with the Michael's Letter. I've been going there a lot to get art supplies that I need RIGHTAWAY for school because they are close. I went last weekend to find a certain paintbrush that they didn't have. But what did they have? Scrapbooking stuff for 50% off. How could I pass that up?
also, I really want to go to starbucks and get some hot chocolate now. sounds so good.

Clarissa said...

Your Starbucks letter - perfection :)


Tyler said...

Oh, how I miss the 90s! And good luck with the job, even if you aren't looking forward to it yet ;)

Allison said...

Michael's and Starbucks are my big time weaknesses. If I ever came across a Starbucks next to a Michael's I'd be in trouble! Happy Friday!

katrice said...

Love your letters, a never ending friday would be great!

Nikki said...

New follower from the link up!! Cute blog. Excited to read more :) and yeah,Starbucks and Michael's are out to get us all!

Catherine said...

Hi :)

Great blog~ I like your posts!

New Follower,