Sep 19, 2012

Inspire Me: Healthy & Dream Job

Hi ladies - if you didn't see yesterdays post, I'm taking October sponsors for a donation to the American Cancer Society! Please read my post, at least.

I want to thank Karen and Allie for their generous donations! These girls literally made my day yesterday - words can't explain how grateful I am to have such amazing followers and now sponsors! 

All In My Twenties

I don't know whether y'all are going to hate me or love me for saying this, but I don't want to make weight loss my main goal anymore. I've decided that there are much more important things I should be making my life revolve around then being strict and trying to lose weight. With that being said and my mindset being changed, I am still going to work on being healthier and making better choices. When you forbid yourself from doing something, you only make yourself crazy. If I lose 30 pounds in this process, then that will definitely be a bonus. I am still changing my lifestyle, but this time I'm doing it because I want to not because I have to.

Inspire me: Dream Job

You may think this is crazy, but acting has always been my dream job. One day I plan to be a movie or Broadway star. Either or. But best believe I will. hehe!

Realistically speaking, I would love to be a marine biologist and save the dolphins, whales and all the other cute sea critters!

Who wouldn't want to make discoveries under the sea ((: just the possibility of meeting Nemo and Swimming with Ariels family make me happy! Anyway, I hope you all have a happy Thursday!! xoxo


Nikki said...

I like your thinking! Dont tell yourself no because you are right you will want it that much more. Ive been there and done that! You will reach your goal! Remember it took more than 1 day to put it on it will take more than 1 day to take it off!

Dawn said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful comment reply that I had waiting for me in my email. It was quite nice to see and read. Thank you for that, and thank you for choosing to follow as well. I really appreciate it. That said, don't give up on yourself, on either of these dreams. Both will need your dedication, but I don't doubt that you can fight for one--or both, even. It sounds like you're a strong person, especially after what you've been dealt in the past. I wish you the best on your quest(s)! I'm in the middle of fighting for my path to my dream job, too.

Anna said...

Great stance with your fitness--when you stop focusing on weight and just focus on eating well and getting in some exercise, it will work wonders! Dieting is NOT a lifestyle, and you want to make adjustments to a new lifestyle that will stick and work for you.

Good luck!

Meg {henninglove} said...

growing up i wanted to be a marine biologist too i was fascinated with the creatures of the sea. and congrats on deciding to not focus so much on weight loss but just be healthier in general it takes the pressure off of loosing weight and you won't be so frustrated or focused on numbers

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

I am pretty sure I met Dora & Nemo this summer....but when I talked to them the snobs didn't talk back. LOL!!!

Cara said...

I totally agree with just making an effort to eat healthier and not focus all of your time and energy on diets and whatnot. I think if everyone just made small efforts it would pay off.

Amie Dirkschneider said...

I think it's great that you don't want to focus all on weight loss, because like you said, it's not good to worry constantly about (even though I don't think you need to lose 30 lbs, you already look great). Love the dream jobs, especially snorkeling and scuba diving to look at fish, sounds like fun!

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I look forward to following you!

Jordan said...

I did the same thing recently! I realized going to the gym became a chore instead of something I did because I simply wanted to. I think putting too much pressure on myself took the fun out of it and since then I've been a lot happier! And that's the whole point of a healthy lifestyle right? Being a marine biologist would be amazing but I'd be scared to run into a shark haha

Clarissa said...

So good to see that you'll still be living a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes you need a break for sure but I think that making those small changes in the meantime will definitely get you closer to your goal!


Candice said...

What sweeeet dream jobs!!!

Yay for healthy lifestyles! I bought a scale, but can't figure out how to work it (how stupid does that make me sound!?) so I'm going by how I feel and the changes I can see. It seems to be working for now, so that's good :)