Jul 4, 2012

Blogger interface

I don't know how your "dashboard" screen is. You all have probably upgraded to the "updated'' Blogger interface months ago when it first became an option, but my screen still looks like this when I sign in to Blogger

I don't want to upgrade to the new screen
Not because I don't like change, but this one is a more simple version. I've upgraded about three times to try and get used to it only to get frustrated and not want to blog. Apparently in a couple months the new Blogger Interface will be permanent. There wont be an option to return to the old home page. Yesterday I upgraded to try and get used to it and once again became frustrated and wasted three hours of my time on what should have been a 10 minute task! I literally spent three hours switching my three column blog layout to two. After I was finished, I switched back to the old version because why not have simplicity while I can. I may be blond or I may be a little slow when it comes to learning new things, but why can't we have an option to keep this version? Why does it have to disappear in a few months! I'm happy with the old home page. It's easy to me and that's how a blog should be: easy to work with.


Amanda Nicole said...

I've have the updated one for a while.. I don't like it. I wish there was a better way.. Like the old one. :( wah!

Anonymous said...

I switch back and fourth! I even have to switch back to the old interface to change my background.. Which really doesn't make sense..