Jun 26, 2012

Fresh Start

Has your life ever felt so overwhelming that you feel like a scattered mess?
This is how I've been feeling lately.
I decided to take the next few hours and make them ''me time''
I turned my phone off to not turn back on until I've spent enough time on myself..
I'm gonna do a deep cleanse on my face and do my nails
clean my room (a clean room is a happy room)
Write/journal about my goals
Make a blog post telling about this plan, lol
Catch up on my daily devotional and hopefully feel better and more put together.
Sometimes when you're stressed, taking time to focus on yourself is just what is needed! (:
PS.. If you actually click the picture I posted , it will send you to a site giving 55 ways to take better care of yourself. That way we can avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed in the future.


KatXoXo said...

I definetely know where your coming from!! Sometimes there is just so much stuff to deal with that it is hard to focus on anything!! Good luck hun :)

KatXoXo said...
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