Jun 20, 2012


I used to not procrastinate, in fact I can recall being in a class in High school as a teacher was trying to tell us how we all procrastinate. I raised my hand after thinking about it, saying that I don't. I didn't. If there was something to get done, it would be done. I spent a whole lot of time doing nothing after the fact , but hey there was nothing to do. Of course, High School and before were the simple days. It's so funny how when I was in High school, I would look at Elementary school as the simple days and even then I would probably look at days before being in school as the simple days! This leads me to think maybe today are simple times as well.. Because no matter how much time passes we're going to look at the past and see it as the simple days , and they were like today is. We, procrastinators just need to relearn how to use time wisely. No matter what needs to be done, get it done. OK now that that's clear.

I feel like days are slipping away lately. It's Summer time! It shouldn't feel like that. It's just lately I've felt like I've had so much to do when let's face it, I haven't been doing anything. Except of course sitting around feeling like there's so much to do and letting time slip away. At the end of the day I feel useless. A motto I live by is ''seize the day'' which reasoning's are ''you only live once.'' there might not even be a tomorrow. Obviously if there's not a tomorrow we're not gonna care whether or not we seized the day but if we don't and there are tomorrows, days are just gonna slip away which will eventually turn to years which will leave you wishing you did more. I can go on preaching why we should live today to the fullest but I wont. Just do it. Got something you have to do or want to do, just do it right now.

I really want to lose weight and have glowing skin again and I've wanted this for a while now. Where has wanting gotten me? No where. If I take action now, in a few months I'll be beautiful. Just like a few months ago, if I took action then I would have been much better. Sometimes it's hard but if you just do it , a few months will pass and you'll be much happier you did something with your time instead of regretful you didn't.

I'm saying this to both myself and to anyone in a same situation,



The end.


Lauren said...

I am a huge procrastinator. I always tell myself next week i'll get back on my diet. then that week comes and I keep telling myself next week next week. I NEVER do it. I need to just do it and stop pushing it back more weeks. GOOD LUCK!

KatXoXo said...

no matter how many promises I make to myself to get things done on time I never seem to stick to it!! I always will stay ahead for about a month but by the end of a semseter I am always behind!!