May 5, 2012

Cinco de Mayo

This is definitely not going to be a post about Cinco de mayo! But happy holiday to those celebrating. If I didn't have to work today, I would have found some recipes and made up some yummy Mexican food! That or gone to a Mexican restaurant. I've been craving it like crazy. 

so how about those rice cakes..
you're like WTH

I don't know.. But I do know for one their 35 calories for one - the pop corn flavor anyway! 35 calories for one kind of makes me happy because their a good size for nothing calories. 

Relay for life was pretty amazing. For a while instead of walking around the track, my friend and I decided to take picture which resulted in us being right in the center where all the candles were that spelled out "hope". The lights went off and we were in the spot light. This resulted in me falling to the floor and hiding because that's just embarrassing.

 LOL. My job had a tent set up so it was pretty cool to see coworkers participating! It was pretty.. different to see random coworkers I never see outside of work, outside of work. But at the same time it was nice. It felt like we knew each other. Some girl started singing that song by Martina Mcbride "I'm gonna love you through it" and it made me think of how amazing it is that all those people were there last night. It made me feel warm. It made me feel great that my coworkers had a tent set up in honor of cancer patients. It made me think of my dad not just being sick but actually having cancer. I'm glad I was somewhat involved last night, I tried to donate blood but my iron was too low. I still got a shirt though and two painful pricks in my finger. Ow. Getting involved for a cause is an amazing and rewarding feeling that I plan on doing more often. I seriously think getting involved for a cause is my cause. I'm going to look up more ways to get involved.


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This is cute.

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