Feb 6, 2012

February Photo a Day: 4, 5 & 6

Day 4. a stranger


I felt like such a creeper taking a picture of this random dude walking by at my orthodontist! Haha. 

Day 5. 10am


My ride to work this morning! So much for Sunny Florida lately, but I love the rainy weather. It's beautiful.

Day 6. dinner

LMAO - It's taco salad. 
It does NOT photograph well, but it's really good. I swear.


Page Twenty-Two said...

HAHAHA the picture of the "stranger" made me laugh. I would feel like such a creeper too!!

Shaylynn... Bloggin Fool. said...

Your stranger picture was epic.

You taco salad looks totally disgusting, babe:)

alicia said...

day 4 is too funny!!

Cabootique said...

Ooh, I made taco salad over the weekend - it really is so good!

Jackie @ EatLove&Style said...

LOL! I felt like a stalker when I did Day 4 and I was at Barnes and Noble with my daughter. I acted as if I was looking at my phone and turned off the ringer good thing their back was facing me.


Moni @ CL Journal said...

Hey Heather, returning the love!

LOL! Everyone is just taking a quickclick so no one catches them doing so! LOL!!!

I have to post my dinner..haven't done so as of yet.

Cool blog! :)

Jess said...

Yum! I love taco salad, but yeah, I agree with you, once you mix it there is no way to make it look pretty. :)

Princess said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog!

Regarding this post:

Lol! That made me laugh so hard about the stranger. And I LOVE taco salad!


missy k said...


Thanks for visiting from 'not so sunny' Florida!

Well done you being brave and 'capturing' a stranger. The thought did feel creepy.... so my photo was just something 'strange!'

I've never had taco salad :( - looks good to me though....

ps I love Taylor Swift too

Have a great day


xx.black-angel.xx said...

The "stranger" picture made me laugh :)! I like your pictures:)

Anonymous said...

LOL Love the stranger pic. I felt like a creeper too. I actually took one at a Mexican restaurant and then realized a guy was looking right at me in the pic.

I had turned off the flash and sound.. but still felt weird. hah

Good pics though!