Feb 3, 2012

February Photo a Day: 3

Day 3. Hands


Truth is.. I worked eight and a half hours - went to the gym for two hours - used the tanning bed - just got home about a half hour ago when I realized I needed some kind of hand picture for this challenge. So I took a picture. Besides me looking like a hot mess from my day, I have man hands when I take close ups. Whatevs. Bahaha


Lauren said...

at least you're still smiling. After my workout yesterday I cannot say that I looked so chipper. :)


Ruthy said...

You look great in that picture. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. :D


Cassie Fields said...

Ha, you did good! After everything you accomplished you looked great!

Cassie Lee said...

Thanks for the comment, girl! The hands picture works!