Jan 17, 2012

Valentines Day


It's funny I've never actually been in a relationship on Valentines day and this year, well I'm not in a relationship now and I think finding the love of my life within the next 20 days seems a little far fetched, BUT who knows. I've never even liked Valentines day, but this year I'm excited and have these exciting plans with myself (that may or may not be cancelled due to work, ehh)

First of all - I'm going to see this movie

Channing Tatum, enough said!
BUT if for some reason I don't make it over to the movie theater, then this movie is good enough for me :->

It's such a lighthearted movie about simple love stories but this movie always makes me smile(:

As for food - Valentines has always been one of those days where if I'm on a diet I stop for the day to eat pizza - I'm not sure where I'm going to get it from. Maybe I'll make it myself.


I also want to bake on Valentines day! There's just something about all the pink and red desserts <3





but other then all of that, I'll probably treat myself to a spa day! Me time! As all the single girls out there should do :) Well, I hope y'all have a Happy valentines day whether it's with the love of your life or alone <3


Mrs. Mama said...

i'm kinda sorta.. A LITTLE.. excited for vday.... mainly? for the chocolates :)

Sarah said...

That movie "The Vow" looks so good...I can't wait!