Jan 26, 2012

Spring Fever

Okay so there's about 55 more days and I'm already feeling fever! I pretty much love everything about Spring time. I love the longer days, April showers and May flowers. I love the freshness of everything and motivation to Spring clean! I love the tradition of watching American Idol around Spring time. Tanning, Tanning and more tanning! Thank you mother nature for giving an hour more to tan during the season. Easter of course (but the loves of Easter will be a separate post, later on!) and of course I love bright nail polish colors and of course Spring Fashion! <3

One hour before work yesterday and I was on Pinterest looking for Spring inspired looks! I think I got overly excited because I saved so many on to my computer! I thought I was going to end being late until I had to force myself away from the computer! Anyway.. I've never been SO into fashion - I've always loved fashion, I've always admired fashion, I even occasionally attempt to design fashion BUT when it came down to it, I'm usually pretty plain with my style LOL. I seriously think I'm becoming fashionable though because the thought of wearing dresses and skirts this season really excite me! Anywho, I wanted to share with you a few (or a lot) of my spring inspired looks.. Can't wait to rock these types of outfits! 




What do you LOVE about Spring ??? (:


Katie said...

I lov absolutely everything about spring! Great Blog! You have a new follower for sure
Katie xx

Dreaming of forever,

Jessah said...

Can't wait for Spring! Tired of freezing to death. Love your fashion choices. Love the hot pink blazer with white dress. That was one of my pins too. New follower

Bunnie said...

tag your it!!! I tagged you on my blog!!!

Kristine♥ said...

love the looks!


The English Preppy said...

fantastic picks - I love all the coral and bright colours - that is probably one of the biggest things to look forward to! Obviously also the sun, the flowers, the events!

Shaylynn... Red Lipstick and Melodies said...

You know girl, I was super/am super depressed over this whole winter stuff.

Look at you, bringing the warmth right back into my life.