May 23, 2011

Hippie Style Basics

So I'm pretty much into hippie styles and the 60's/70's. I kind of want to change my style to a hippie/boho style. I did some research on hippie styles and well, I found nothing. But I do know some of the basics that I'd like to share.

Bell Bottoms

Your reaction? "no way!". Okay so the picture puts a lot of emphasis on bell bottoms. I never in my life would have IMAGINED wearing a pair of bell bottoms more so liking them. I don't own a pair. I don't even know if they sell them anywhere since they're an older trend. take a moment and imagine yourself wearing a pair of bell bottoms, with a nice fitted or flowing shirt! When I imagine me wearing that I think "wow, so retro but SO cute" because it's different and don't we all want to be different? Like all fashion trends, we end up adapting to them and making them work, let's make bell bottoms work AGAIN (:


These can be made out of ribbon, yarn, hair extensions, bandannas  I especially love headbands like the first picture and then clipping a nice big flower on the side. So pretty and so elegant. Here's a video I found on YouTube earlier on how to make the hippie headband, with your own hair at ZERO COST. Woo.

Tie Dye

I love the literal meaning of the word tie dye. Because when you're making a shirt, you're actually tying shirts to be dyed. Tye dye dates back to ancient times which was developed in China during T'ang dynasty (618-906 A.D). I swear, everything I mean EVERYTHING ends up being made in China. Tie dye was popular during the 60's/70's and still popular today. I see it a lot today. Tie dye bags, shirts, bandannas  There's a lot of ways you can wear tie dye besides in t-shirt form!

Peace Signs
I've always loved peace signs. I have a lot of peace sign jewelry and bags. Hippies believe in peace & love. Wear a symbol of peace, spread the love. Well, don't wear a peace sign if you're going to start a war. Wear it if you truly believe in peace.

Aww. . . Isn't he the cutest - fringed vests, go go boots, leather fringed sandals, bandannas, hip-huggers, ripped jeans, mini & micro skirts, chain belts, lots of bracelets, patched pants, floral leggings, flowing tops & lets not forget the vintage sunglasses. 


Andrea said...

i love headbands :)

Miss Southern Prep said...

I was just flipping through my new InStyle, and they had a section about bell bottoms being back "in" this season!

Maryam said...

I dislike bell bottoms.
I really love peace sign accessories and I have a dozen of them.
Take careee! :D

tinkerbelldani said...

i love hairbands :) i have a few like these :) im a total boho chick :) x

Jade said...

I love hairbands! I could never get away with wearing them though.

I'm a new follower & love your blog :).
Jade By The Sea

Anonymous said...

I just bought a pair of bell bottom jeans at Target. They aren't as wild as the ones in your picture, but it's a place to start. And check on Etsy for the headbands. There's a lot of shops on there that sell exactly what you're talking about with the flower on the side.

carlijn said...

Nice post! (: