May 25, 2011

American Idol Thoughts #9

The finale was simply AMAZING. I've never seen an ending like this before. It was beautiful. I was going to talk about JLO and Marc Anthonys performance and I was also going to talk about Lady gaga and the Beyonces song but let me get to the point. SCOTTY MCCREERY is our American Idol. I expected this but seeing it just touched my heart. The way he sang his song and reacted was just priceless. How he broke down at the end. Did you see him and Lauren kiss? Then I love you baby? Then Lauren kissing his cheek a bunch of times. If they're a couple, then they've became my favorite couple. Gosh, I love him and her both <3 Congratulations Scotty baby!!


little miss southern love. said...

I know I loved it too! Secretly hoping that they are in fact a couple! :)


little miss southern love. said...
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[SMASH] said...

I knew Scotty would win. Love this voice! I gave up on Idol a few weeks ago because I got too busy, but yay for him!

Lyndsay & Co. said...

Scotty McHottie is simply adorable! And I just love that he totally announced his undying love for little miss Lauren Alaina! Supa cuteee! :)

Nicole said...

OMG!!!! I didn't notice them kissing!!! They have to be dating!!! My fiance heard Ryan say on the radio that they are dating!! They are so cute together!!!!
Haha, but my fiance watched the video and he said that they are just talking, lol. I think they are kissing!!!

Nicole said...

Look at what I just found

"Me and her, it's more like the brother-sister thing," Scotty told reporters yesterday.

"She told me before the show she was gonna do that [kiss him] as kind of like a joke. She's a character . . ."

Read more:

I can't believe it!!! They made it look so real!!!!