Oct 8, 2012

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!! 

Today I'm guest posting over at Trials and Triumphs of Loving my Sailor, so come see me.

Also, guess who won a giveaway? That's right. MOI! I'm so excited to receive some awesome Fall scented things from Nikki! Thanks girl.

I hope everyone has an amazing Monday :-)


Jenn said...

My monday involoves being lazy haha

Jenn xo

Nikki said...

haha it's Nikki, but I'm glad you're excited :) Mailing tomorrow and thanks for the shoutout!! Hapy Monday!

Ashley from Ashley Living Life Arduously said...

Today was definitely a Monday... ugh.

Megan Lindley said...

Another Monday in the books. Thank goodness!

Ashley said...

I really dislike mondays!!!

Jessica said...

Hi! I'm your newest follower! So excited to be here! Congrats on winning a giveaway... it's been a long time since I've won one, so that means my turn is coming up, right? :) haha anyway, I'm super excited to read more from you!

I'd love if you followed back! You can find me at What's in a Name?

Anni said...

Hey there!

Stopping by from the GFC Blog Hop :) new follower!

Anni // http://grapefruitprincess.blogspot.com

noire said...

Hello Heather! Found you at the GFC Blog Hop, I liked your blog a lot so I'm following you now ^^
Hope you get a chance to visit me too. Have a great day xx
n o i r e d a m e