Feb 17, 2012

The Vow Review. . . Kinda!

Paige: I vow to help you love life, to always hold you with tenderness and to have the patience that love demands, to speak when words are needed and to share the silence when they’re not and to live withing the warmth of your heart and always call it home.

Leo: I vow to fiercely love you in all your forms, now and forever. I promise to never forget that this is a once in a lifetime love. <33

So basically I finally went to see this movie on Wednesday! I loved it and although I wish we got to witness her slowly regain her memory, and although I wish when Paige mentioned to Leo about going to a Cuban restaurant, that it actually was her remembering, I'm glad things ended the way they did. I'm glad they ended up together. I would have been so sad if they parted ways and that was that. Oh my gosh, am I spoiling this for some of you? I probably am - haha. Sorry! I definitely recommend this movie! I liked it a lot and had a good time shoveling pop corn in my mouth and guzzling down a cherry coke with anticipation of what was going to happen next! Oh and Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams were both simply beautiful <3


Val said...

I want to go see this movie this weekend.

Rachael said...

I really want to see this movie but I think i'll end up in tears! They had the real life couple on the news the other night, so sweet!

ShuShu said...

Oh lucky you! I've been waiting for this movie but it isn't in cinemas here yet. Just afraid that it's really, really sad though :(

and Rachel McAdams is really, really pretty!!

Shu :)