Feb 21, 2012

February Photo a Day: 19, 20 & 21

I decided to edit this using paint because I'm not very smart with all the other fancy websites! I remember back in the Myspace days when people would get creative with all their pictures putting two together or adding designs with photo shop, I would take forever editing mine using paint.

Day 19. something you hate to do.
It was hard for me to come up with something that I hate. There's not many things I hate - I literally try and love everything, but the photo is a picture of my drawer full of work clothes - aka t-shirts and jeans. I hate wearing my work clothes, I always feel so unattractive. I know it's just t-shirts and jeans but I'm used to being a bit more dressier then that.

Day 20. Handwritting
I honestly didn't know what to write - I wanted to write inspiring words but couldn't think of any except for the ever so common "live laugh love". So I just went with writing the challenge name and day.

Day 21. a fave photo of you 
I was 16 in this picture - I've had good pictures since, I mean this isn't my all time favorite just one of them. I was so tan and my hair color was perfect. I was so happy too! I can't seem to make this collage bigger then this but trust me, it's a decent picture ((: 

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