Feb 13, 2012

101 in 1001 Update

I've always loved to make lists! One of my favorite memories is when I was little, I would go over to my grandparents house and after playing scrabble, watching movies, going to the pool and all the other fun things we did, I would sit down with my grandpa and we would make a wish list. Well, we would make my wish list. I thought his handwriting was way nicer then mine so I would tell him the things I wanted and he would write them down. After, I would draw cute little pictures around the list to make it pretty! In the last year or so I've been interested in making a bucket list. I could never make one long enough because I  would get discouraged and throw it away. I didn't think the ideas were realistic enough. But, last week I decided to make and complete a 101 in 1001 for my blog. Little things - because there's really not too much that I want. I'm a little older now and realize anything is realistic. It's true, everything is realistic! Never let the thought of something not being, let it stop you. You can do, be, accomplish anything you want! Never forget that. Anyway, I made a 101 list and I decided that sense I plan on doing some of these things daily that I'll do weekly blog posts about what I've accomplished on it.

*accomplishments are going to be posted in the order that the list is created!

 "go to the gym at least 200 times this year"
Well I've gone four times so far! Slowly but surely I'm getting into a better and healthy life style. I'm actually excited to progress with everything.

"Start counting weekly calorie intake & logging them in Monday Motivation"
"Monday Motivation" is my newest Monday blog post - a journey to a better and healthy lifestyle. Just today I began counting calories! In seven days my total calories eaten intake should be around 8400. I'm pretty excited to see how this goes. Look out to see if I make goal in next Monday's "Monday Motivation post!"

 "Watch 50 movies that I've never seen"

my ratings

"Pure Country 2" - This movie was SO CUTE! I loved it. It instantly became one of my favorites. I was amazed to find out that Katrina Elam wrote and REALLY sang those songs. Her voice is amazing and she's not a bad actress either. She should really be bigger then she is. ALSO. Travis Fimmel, ohmygosh, has totally been added to my sexy beast list.

He makes me want a cowboy more then I already did.

"Love actually" - okay this movie was recommended to me by a few different people before I had even heard of it, but the whole time watching it I was thinking what is this? Not one of my favorites. But it did make me realize how pretty Keira Knightly is - beauty inspiration!

 "The Hangover" - a little late much? Was I the last person in the world to see this? I think I might have been. Not my usual type of movie, but it was really funny. I liked it.

"How to lose a guy in 10 days" - alright I KNOW I'm the last girl in the world to see this movie. I don't know how I didn't see this sooner being that it came out in 2003 and has Matthew McConaughey in it. La la oo ;) I pretty much loved this movie. Kate Hudson looked super pretty and was super funny. Definitely my kind of movie.

"Read 25 books"

In January I bought the Hunger Games trilogy and finished them in a little less then two weeks. Needless to say, I kinda liked them. I really liked these books! I'm so excited to see the movie in March.

today, actually I finished The Help! I really liked it. The whole time reading this I had a different voice in my head for each character. Also the whole time reading about Skeeter, I imagined Taylor Swift. Does anyone else think Taylor would have been a good skeeter? I think it was mainly the way they described her appearance and of course the fact she had a good heart. Well now it's time I see the movie!

"Save $1000 extra dollars"
I'm getting there. I'm not the best saver in the world but I did manage to save $300 so far. $700 more to go.

"Get 365 followers"
I wanted to have 365 followers by  the 27th which will be my one year of having a blog. It would be like I have a follower for each day I've been a blogger. Well, I don't see myself making 86 new friends in 14 days. As much as I'd like that. But oh well! Followers are gifts and not numbers. I don't even care about the number anymore, I'm just happy I have people reading what I write! I can't wait to go into my second year of blogging! I want to see how far I progress as a blogger. Thank you to everyone who reads my stuff.

"Organize my room"

"organize my bedroom drawers"

"Visit grandparents at least 20 times this year"

  My grandparents and I have always been close. I'm not really close with any of my other family except for them. I feel like I don't see them as much anymore as I've gotten older and it makes me sad that's why I added this on to my list. (: My grandma insisted we take a picture together. WHILE MY HAIR WAS TOTALLY WET AND I LOOK GROSS - but what evs! We took this a couple weeks ago after my grandma and I got some vitamin D by the pool and then we all went to TGI fridays. Yum <3

"Make my bed every morning"

I've made it for the past three days and I plan to continue this habit.

"Stop using Facebook"
Long story short - I'm better without it.
I deleted my account Jan 2nd 2012.

"Read my devotional daily"
I've been reading it since the beginning of January daily and it's become a part of my morning routine. I can't really relate to February's verses because they're mainly about kids and raising kids. I, myself don't have any kids or younger siblings, but they are interesting to read and try and relate to.

"see snow"
completed December 7th 2011 in Cuba, New York
The first bit of snow I've ever seen (:


Married...with a Pup said...

I think these goals are so great! I read The Help a while ago but have been waiting for Netflix to send me the movie. After waiting 2 months (it was waitlisted), I decided to rent it this weekend and really loved it!

V said...

All very do-able, love this post it has inspired me to do my own!

Haute Eyes said...

I love lists as well!! Happy that youve already checked a few items off! Would love if you could check out my blog and tell me what you think of my latest posts! Follow me, I follow you! Happy Valentine's Day!