Jan 11, 2012

Southern Dreams

So I grew up in Florida. Yeah, Florida, that's as South as it gets. Florida has been alright, the sun shines yet nothing to me beats a rainy day. Gosh I love rainy days more then anything. Like I was saying.. Florida is good besides the fact I want to be somewhere "Country" - a real southern area. I'm 19 and obviously life is still ahead of me but as of now, I'm stuck here living with parents - working part time and going to the community college. But I swear ONE DAY I'll move to the "South" and be converted into a true southern girl!





cailen ascher said...

these pics made me smile. i especially like the mason jar drinks and that gorgeous barn wedding reception. so chic!

cute blog - i'm your newest follower

tracy said...

Love your Southern pictures and sayings!

Don't forget "babydoll"!

And Virginia...we're the South too! :)

i will miss it like crac crac when we have to move West :(