Jun 12, 2011

Simple Steps to a Better Life [Health Edition]

I once did a project about this topic in an English class. I picked this topic out of anything else which made me wonder why I haven't blogged about it? You're probably wondering what topic it is I'm speaking of. I'm going to share with you a few simple things (well, maybe a little more then a few) that you can do in your every day life to positively improve your life mentally, physically, socially, and even things you can do in your environment to create a happier you.


To start my with I'm going share a couple things that can improve your health. Wow! When it comes to our health, there are so many little things we often forget about, rarely do we realize that these little things are meaningful things. They have a purpose no matter how insignificant they may seem. What I'm about to say may sound so obvious to you but my point in mentioning these are to give awareness to their importance. I hope you enjoy reading these steps to a healthy lifestyle and come back to read further editions upon simple steps to improve our well being.

1.) Eat breakfast every morning. I'll admit it. I'm a total failure when it comes to this. Ever sense I was little I would hate eating breakfast because it made me feel sick. But truthfully, eating breakfast is one of the best things you can do to guarantee an excellent day. Besides getting the whole bacon and eggs (OMG WAFFLES and MAPLE SYRUP) experience, you're also boosting your metabolism and likely to burn those calories through the day (if you do regular activity, that is) Eating breakfast can also eliminate you from having that groggy feeling. Your brain is more alert and able to function better. Which makes sense because studies show that people who attend school tend to do better on tests when they eat breakfast then those who do not. So eat something in the morning even if it's just an apple. A small breakfast is better then nothing at all.

2.) Drink water. The amount of water we should consume each day is 8-10 glasses. My thoughts when I first heard this is "UGH so much water weight" But after doing my share of research I've come to find out that at the end of the day or next morning there is no extra water weight. In fact, drinking water burns calories. The colder the water, the more calories it burns. Aside from that, drinking water leads smooth clear skin and a better complexion. Who doesn't want a superstar face? Also while we're on the topic of drinking (good drinking) let me give you the 411 on tea. Tea is SO good for you. Of course most tea has little to no calories, but it also has so many great benefits including prevention of heart disease and improving your memory. Next time you're in a store read the back of boxes of tea, a lot of them have their health benefits listed on them.

3.) Get 8-10 hours of sleep. As human nature goes, we like to stay up all night and party. Even if it's not partying, we always seem to have something to stay up late for which isn't very healthy. Sleeping 8-10 hours each night is another simple yet great thing we can do to improve our health and there's so many reasons why, including of course, better skin. Getting the ideal amount of sleep prevents those dark circles under our eyes and the roughness of our skin. You'll soon have that superstar face we all want. The saying "beauty sleep" really does having meaning to it. Did you know that you can actually lose weight in our sleep? Not too familiar with details but if you get a good nights rest, while you're sleeping your body goes through this stage where it burns calories like crazy.

4.) Exercise daily-- self explanatory. Obviously this will help you lose weight, gain muscle, look wonderful. But did you know that exercising is a natural high? Exercising releases endorphins, and endorphins make you happy. It's a fact. Look it up. But if you're not up for some intense endorphin releasing exercise, take an hour walk. Walking clears the stressed mind and can also make you more familiar and appreciative of your beautiful surroundings that are often neglected.

5.) Wake up early. Which means going to sleep earlier (if you're trying to accomplish the 8-10 hours of sleep) OH MY. Waking up early frees up more hours in the day to get things done. But when I say wake up early, I really mean wake up. Don't just roll out of bed early and go about life. Wake up, lay there a while and think. Hop out of bed with a smile. Make your bed up all nice! Shower, brush and floss your teeth. Lol I'm sounding like a mother but my point is when you wake up early, you have all the time in the world to really do these things without feeling rushed. All the time in the world to focus on YOU and your health. So wake up early and live healthy.


Rachael said...

I defiantly fail on the drinking water and sleeping enough. I always know I should drink more water but I never seem to get around to it, doesn't help we aren't allowed to have water around us at work. And i'd love to sleep more but at the moment its not practical, i'm out at work and commuting for 12 hours so if I spelt for 10 i'd only have two hours left hehe xx

Gilded Cage said...

Heehee... vegetarianism... lol but I suck at staying with exercise.

Because I love who I can become said...

i can honestly tick all except exercise...but i will tick that box from july 2nd onwards :D

Emily said...

waking up early is a hard one. I guess it's mind over mattress...mattress wins way too many times :) Thanks for the reminders!

Mandy said...

Yeah, I have to agree with Emily, waking up early is a hard one... but I'll definitely try to overcome it. Early bird gets the worm, right? :)

Thanks for the inspiration, I truly enjoyed the visit. :)

Gianna said...

Wow I fail at all of these lately. Haha. I skip breakfast because when I eat it I feel SO much hungrier before lunch. It's weird. It's like my stomach hibernates overnight and doesn't wake up until I eat something. I do wake up early :/ Not by choice. Gotta be at work by 8 and its a half hour commute! But going to bed early is one to work on. I just had a three hour nap but I think I will go back to bed now. I want to run before work! Thanks :) -G

KatXoXo said...

I always feel better when I wake up early!! When I sleep in I feel lazy all day!!

Kelly said...

I can do ALL of those - except the sleep. As evidenced with me commenting on blogs at 11:00. But, you've inspired me to change! This is the last comment I'll do, and then on to bed!